Lukas Graham Is Ready to Party

We talk to the band about their breakout year, their three Grammy nominations, and how they got ready for awards night.

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Where were you when you found out you'd been nominated for three Grammys?

"It's very weird getting such huge news on a tour bus. You're like, 'Yay! Let's wait for 10 hours before we celebrate!' Which is literally what happened." —Lukas Forchhammer, lead singer

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Did you toast each other to celebrate?

"It was a pink one." —Magnus Larsson, bass player

And here is the 'Farmer's Daughter,' the cocktail the members of Lukas Graham drank once they got the big Grammy news.
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Who did you call after finding out?

"I called my mom. I was like, 'Mom, are you still sad I dropped out of law school?'" —Forchhammer

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The song that changed everything for Lukas Graham.

What does it feel like to be a Grammy-nominated band?

"We can feel it when we go to play shows. It's as if there's a buzz now." —Forchhammer

What are you going to wear to the Grammys?

"We're going to wear as little as possible." —Forchhammer

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And what will you be bringing with you to the ceremony?

"A hip flask full of good booze. See if anybody else brought something that they want to share?" —Forchhammer

Who will you thank if you win?

"You might as well just go up and say, 'Fuck everybody,' because then you didn't forget anybody." —Forchhammer

Follow Lukas Graham's drummer, Mark Falgren (aka Mark Lovestick) on Snapchat @markfalgen.

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