7 Musicians You Need to Be Following on Snapchat

Want to spend more time with your favorite musicians? Now you can.

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Artist No. 1: The Weeknd

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Snapchat Handle: @theweeknd

Why He's a Must-Follow: The Weeknd's Snaps provide an educational and eye-opening peek into the life of an A-list pop star.

Recent Highlight: Wrapping up his European tour, The Weeknd jumped into a screaming crowd at a concert. The fans, despite the language barrier, knew every word of his song.

Artist No. 2: Skrillex

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Snapchat Handle: @skrillex

Why He's a Must-Follow: No one in EDM makes their life look more like a 24-hour party than Skrillex, who even manages to make long flights seem just as exciting as his 2 a.m. Vegas sets.

Recent Highlight: When he's on a touring lull, Skrillex's Snaps catch the producers goofing around with some of the more extreme face filters.

Artist No. 3: Kehlani

Snapchat Handle: @tsunami

Why She's a Must-Follow: Kehlani has a love-hate relationship with social media, but for the past few months she's been back Snapping away as she basks in the glow of her debut album's success.

Recent Highlight: During a meet and greet, Kehlani posted a few emotional and heartwarming Snaps in response to the overwhelming support of her fans.

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Artist No. 4: 2 Chainz

Snapchat Handle: @hairweavekiller

Why He's a Must-Follow: 2 Chainz's account shares his professional life in and out of the studio—but it also reveals the true stars of his world: his two daughters, Heaven and Harmony.

Recent Highlight: Driving around Los Angeles in a tank top listening to Juicy J. It might not sound like the most exciting 10 seconds, but when half of the country is digging themselves out of a blizzard, it's nice to soak up someone else's rays.

Artist No. 5: Lolo

Snapchat Handle: @lolo

Why She's a Must-Follow: The Tennessee-born singer/songwriter showcases her crazy sense of humor as she captures all her wild adventures on the road.

Recent Highlight: Experimenting with Snapchat Spectacles at South by Southwest in Austin this week. She eventually got the hang of it.

Artist No. 6: Calvin Harris

Snapchat Handle: @calvinharris

Why He's a Must-Follow: For a world-class DJ and producer, Calvin Harris typically keeps his account low-key. His Snaps capture more of his everyday moments, like exercising and cruising around Los Angeles.

Recent Highlight: An inside look of Harris working a piano melody for a new track.

Artist No. 7: DJ Snake

Snapchat Handle: @djsnake

Why He's a Must-Follow: If Calvin Harris shows the quiet side of being an international DJ, DJ Snake's Snaps live up to the lifestyle hype. International flights, fancy hotels, and getting on stage to press buttons and make people go wild are just another day for him.

Recent Highlight: DJ Snake and his crew hanging out at the beach and poking fun at one another before a show.

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