Watch Indie Boy Band Hoops Eat Their Way Through An Interview

Warning: It will make you hungry.

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Stressed out? Need a breather? Let the dreamy sounds of Indiana's Hoops transport you to a mellower state of mind. After working on a solo project making ambient music, Drew Auscherman began writing more full-fledged songs and playing all the instruments in his early recordings until he invited his high school buddies Keagan Beresford and Kevin Krauter to join him. Having played together in multiple bands before, the three friends found a natural rhythm and started churning out self-released cassette tapes. Fast forward a few years, and today the band is dropping their debut album, Routines.

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Watch our interview with Hoops below to learn the secret to producing an album, where the band name comes from, and the importance of salty Goldfish.

The Best Two Ways to Eat Goldfish, and Other Delicious Tour Snacks

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We hope you like the sound of loud, open-mouthed chewing.

The Name "Hoops" Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

Important note: Auscherman did *not* used to work at a baby nursery.

Friends, Partners, Mental Health, and Other Important Song-Writing Themes

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A lesson in translating your surroundings into lyrics.

How to Turn a "Big Ball of Shit" Into an Album

"There's not a whole lot of stuff I would compare [the album] to I guess," says Beresford. "But It sounds like itself. Does that make any sense?"

The Men of Hoops' Parting Words of Wisdom

Music, check. Merch, check. View, check.

Watch Hoops Play Their Dreamy Track "On Letting Go" From Their Debut Album, Routines

Turn up the volume and feel all your worries melt away.

Check out more of Hoops music at and listen to their new album Routines—out today on Fat Possum Records!

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