"You Only Need Three Chords to Make a Song"

We talk to Emmy the Great about her life-changing new album (and we don't use the term "life-changing" lightly).

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Emmy the Great, a.k.a Emma-Lee Moss, has had an emotional three years: she moved to two new cities, she turned thirty, and she fell in love. The most recent milestone? Moss's third album, Second Love, which drops today.

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On getting into music, and choosing the name "Emmy the Great."

Moss's desire to be on stage struck her at 18, when she was in Japan for an adventure post school. She found herself at a music festival with an emo group called The Get Up Kids, and became immersed in band culture. One day, however, she stepped back and thought, Hold on, I don't want to sit and watch people on stage my whole life, I want to see if I can be on stage. And now here we are.

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On creating her third album, Second Love, and how she entered a new life through the process.

Moss's previous albums were written at a desk, but Second Love was written all over the place—on planes, on buses, in people's living rooms. "If I had to write down detailed recording credits, it would be forensic to find out all the places I recorded," she laughs. "It was a search, that's what was different. I didn't have the idea, I was looking for it." In addition to making music, the Hong Kong-born, New York City-based singer also writes about it for publications such as The Guardian, a process she says has influenced her own songwriting. Watch our interviews with Emmy the Great, and enjoy her performance of "Algorithm" from her new album, up next!

On her career as a music journalist and how it's affected her music.

For more information on Emmy the Great, go to emmythegreat.com. And pick up Second Love, out today!

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