OVO vs. Eno

Two very important albums are coming out today. How much do the artists behind them have in common? Time for a pop quiz!

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One is an effusive, omnipresent, era-defining rapper; the other, a cerebral musician, producer, and sonic pioneer considered to be one of the most important musical minds of his generation—and they both have new albums coming out tomorrow.

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Drake's Views looks to dominate the airwaves this summer, while The Ship, the latest offering from Brian Eno—Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and founding member of the massively influential Roxy Music—will feature the ambient explorations for which he has become so well known (along with two shorter pieces, one of which is a great Velvet Underground cover). Drake's record will be great for blasting in your whip; Eno's will be perfect for solitary strolls on the beach.

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Wildly different albums, yes—and yet, both are crucial summer listens. Maybe, at first glance, the two artists wouldn't seem to have all that much in common—they hail from different eras and operate in different genres, after all. (Safe to say there aren't any rumors flying around concerning whether Brian Eno and Rihanna are, or ever have been, an item.) But a look through their public statements leads us to think otherwise, and so, we present to you this little quiz.

Here, you'll find a sampling of quotes from Drake and Brian Eno. The question is: Can you guess which artist said them?

1. Journey vs. Destination

A. Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.

B. It's not the destination that matters. It's the change of scene.

2. The Past

A. I don't live in the past at all, I'm always wanting to do something new.

B. What I tend to do is think of today as the past.

3. Risk-Taking

A. A big ego means that you have some confidence in your abilities, really, and that you're prepared to take the risk of trying them out.

B. I feel that when you care about your music, taking risks is something you should do to keep things exciting.


4. Emotions

A. My favorite artists always documented emotion.

B. If you want to make someone feel emotion, you have to make them let go.

5. Songwriting

A. Lyrics are always misleading because they make people think that that's what the music is about.

B. I just have a thing in my brain that when I'm about to do something that's genuine or authentic, I think of it in song form.

6. Legacy

A. If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.

B. A part of me has become immortal, out of my control.


7. On Their Personalities

A. I'm mischievous, but I'm calculated.

B. ...the only person whose taste I really trust is me.

8. On the Press

A. I suppose I am reluctant about being any sort of 'star' and I didn't particularly want to be portrayed as one.

B. Reviews condition people. At the end of the day, a lot of human minds are malleable. They can be easily shaped with strong words.

9. On Their Obsessions

A. I like sweaters. I have a sweater obsession, I guess.

B. I love good, loud speakers.


10. On Self-Confidence

A. I trust my taste. I trust it completely and I always have done, and I've always thought it isn't that different from everybody else's.

B. It's important for me to let my fans know I really don't care. I'm confident.

Bonus Lyrics Round!

A. Some of them lose and some of them lose / But that's what they want and that's what they choose

B. Hate is so familiar to me, I'm slowly embracing it / Doesn't come natural, bear with me it could take a bit


Answer Key

1. A (Drake), B (Eno)

2. A (Eno), B (Drake)

3. A (Eno), B (Drake)

4. A (Drake), B (Eno)

5. A (Eno), B (Drake)

6. A (Drake), B (Eno)

7. A (Drake), B (Eno

8. A (Eno), B (Drake)

9. A (Drake), B (Eno)

10. A (Eno), B (Drake)

Bonus: A (Eno), B (Drake)

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