The Best Albums Ever?

Bridie Monds-Watson, the prodigiously talented Irish singer-songwriter, drops in on Brooklyn's best record store to tell Sweet about her favorite records ever. Soak it all up, people.

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Not to boast, but we've been following the young singer/songwriter SOAK (real name: Bridie Monds-Watson) for some time now: when her songs were being played on very-late-night British radio; when she was featured on prime-time British radio; and when she played to about 15 people in a Manhattan basement, just her and an acoustic guitar. A few things have changed since then, all for the better. She's more confident on stage, but still quick with the slightly awkward and entirely endearing between-song banter. At a recent show in Brooklyn she said that she hoped Rihanna would re-record her song, "Reckless Behavior." "She's welcome to it!" she said to laughter. "No, seriously, I mean she can have it."

Photograph courtesy of Joshua Halling/Beggars
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But the most noticeable difference in the world of SOAK is in her set-up and, consequently, her sound. No longer just a girl with an acoustic guitar, she's added drums, another guitar, and effects, and the result is huge, occasionally bordering on post-rock levels of reverb and epicness. But however sonorous, however loud, however intense, there is a rare and special pathos at the heart of SOAK's music, and whatever her future holds (many exciting, bright things, we're guessing), it's that tenderness that will always set her music apart.

Photograph courtesy of Joshua Halling/Beggars

Before that Brooklyn show, in the back of one of New York's best record shops, Sweet caught up with SOAK to ask her about her favorite records of all time. Check out the videos below!

"Tigermilk," by Belle & Sebastian

"Vampire Weekend," by Vampire Weekend

"Kintsugi," by Death Cab for Cutie

"Trouble Will Find Me," by The National

"Holding Hands with Jamie," by Girl Band

SOAK's most recent album, Before We Forgot How To Dream, is available everywhere now.

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