Daft Punk, Declassified

From deadstock tour memorabilia to new metallic windbreakers, Daft Punk's latest line of merch is filled with collector's items. Don't sleep on your favorite pieces—they'll be gone in no time.

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Originality has always been a Daft Punk calling card, but it doesn't end with their music (or meticulously crafted air of mystery). They've even found a creative way to build buzz around their merch, of all things. Head to the "vault" section of the band's online shop to find a treasure trove of deadstock tour memorabilia like shirts from their 2006 "Alive" tour, vintage patches, and backstage passes. All come with a "Certificate of Authenticity," of course.

Do we really have to choose just one?
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Other goods that are still available include beach towels, yo-yos, skateboards, pins, and much more—each promoted with a different vintage-inspired ad. With their retro styling and images of neon poolside scenes, break dancing, and old New York City subway cars, the spreads bring to mind '70s-era Rolling Stone.

Suddenly we really want to be by a pool.
Da Funk Premium Beach Towel, $80, daftpunk.com.
Looks like we're taking up frisbee.
Official Frisbee, $16, daftpunk.com.
Take us there.
Classic Logo Hoodie, $60, daftpunk.com.
Radiantly cool.
Classic Logo Skate Deck, $140, daftpunk.com.
A little lapel flair goes a long way.
Button Badge Pack, $10, daftpunk.com.
Might as well grab a few for your friends, too.
New Era Fitted Cap, $40, daftpunk.com.
Yo-yos: officially awesome, again.
Official Yo-yo, $18, daftpunk.com.
Why can't all clothing ads be like this?
Custom Daft Punk K-Way Jacket, $120, daftpunk.com.
Bandana, $10, daftpunk.com.

For more on the collection, see daftpunk.com.

From: Seventeen
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