Which Designers Got Pop-Music Shout-Outs This Year?

And equally important: What should you buy from them?

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We combed through every song to crack the top 20 since January 1, 2016, to bring you this: the definitive list of fashion name-drops in 2016 pop music. Come, answer the important questions with us. Like, which sneaker styles and designer handbags have been dominating the nation's earbuds? And, does anyone love #brands more than Drake?

"679" by Fetty Wap ft. Remy Boyz

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The Brands: True Religion, Robin's Jean

The Lyric: "I traded in my Trues for some Robins" and "I got Robins on my jeans, you see the wings on every pair."

But, What Does It Mean?: Fetty just really, really likes Robin's Jeans—the super-spendy denim line known for its over-the-top shredding and studding. And once he had a few pairs of Robins, they replaced the rapper's trusty True Religions in his closet and in his heart.

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May We Suggest…

17cm Distressed Washed Biker Denim by Robin's Jean, $596, luisaviaroma.com.

"Jumpman" by Drake and Future

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The Brands: Céline, Chanel

The Lyrics: "Lobster and Celine for all my babies that I miss" and "Chanel N°9, Chanel N°5, well, you got 'em both."

But, What Does It Mean?: Drake will buy you a Céline bag for your birthday, while Future's signature gift is two fancy perfumes.

May We Suggest…

Chanel N°5 Refillable Purse Spray (to keep in your Céline bag, obviously) by Chanel, $100, macys.com.

"White Iverson" by Post Malone

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The Brands: Nike, Reebok

The Lyrics: "You know how I do it, Concords on my toes" and "I'm the new 3 and I change out to my new 3s."

But, What Does It Mean?: Malone gives shout-outs to Allen Iverson's signature sneakers—Nike's Jordan Concord 11s and Iverson's namesake Reeboks, which feature an "I3" logo—in his tribute to the basketball star.

May We Suggest…

Allen Iverson Crew Socks by Stance, $20, pacsun.com.
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"Summer Sixteen" by Drake

The Brands: Canada Goose

The Lyrics: "That Kai's kitchen in a Canada Goose."

But, What Does It Mean?: Drake is so soft he literally teamed up with Canada Goose on a line that includes puffy, down-filled jackets, which he wears to dinner in Toronto.

May We Suggest…

Cap by Canada Goose x OVO, $50, canadagoose.com.
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"Work From Home" by Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign

The Brands: Céline

The Lyrics: "I'mma buy her no Céline."

But, What Does It Mean?: Unlike Drake, Ty Dolla $ign will not buy you a Céline bag for your birthday.

May We Suggest…

Geri Small Three-Layer Leather Shoulder Bag Beige by Bag Inc., $89, baginc.com.

"Panda" by Desiigner

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The Brands: Versace, BAPE

The Lyrics: "Wake up Versace shit, life Desiigner" and "CTD pull up in the killa Bape."

But, What Does It Mean?: We're taking this as concrete evidence that Desiigner sleeps in full-on silk Versace pajamas. OK, fine, we may not have proof of his sleepwear preferences, but we do know that CTD stands for Chase.The.Dream, Desiigner's crew—he Instagrams lots of photos of them hanging out in BAPE tees and sweatshirts.

May We Suggest…

Olympus Stretch Viscose Jersey Pajamas by Versace, $420, luisaviaroma.com.
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"Formation" by Beyoncé

The Brands: Givenchy, Nike

The Lyrics: "I'm so reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress (stylin')" and "Drop him off at the mall, let him buy some J's, let him shop up cause I slay."

But, What Does It Mean?: Mere mortals might be extra cautious while wearing Givenchy, but not Beyoncé. Also, a fun activity is to close your eyes and imagine Beyoncé landing her helicopter in the mall parking lot, handing Jay Z her credit card, and letting him out to shop for Air Jordans.

May We Suggest…

Air Jordan 5 Retro OG, $220, nike.com.
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