This App Might Just Make You a Pop Star (Sort Of)

Ready to take the spotlight?

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Ever feel like your life is a music video? Now it literally is.
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"This is the answer to the problem of making great-looking videos that make you look cool," says David Leiberman, co-founder of the music video-making app Triller. In short, Triller allows users to pick a song they love, shoot a few takes of themselves lipsyncing along, and then the app magically auto-edits the footage into one, continuous video. As Lieberman says, it's "like a camera crew in your pocket."

And now the big question: which song will you choose first?
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Now with over 10 million users, Triller—whose name references both the founders' love for Michael Jackson's Thriller and their desire to make the world a more trill place—has just launched its community feature, enabling music video aficionados the world over to follow each other and interact with one another.

Triller's marketing director, Daniel Berger, shares a few of the best videos created with the app so far.

"Kevin Hart and his fiancée, Eniko, are obsessed with Triller," says Berger. "They made this one on vacation in Mexico. Love the commitment from both of them—they really go for it."

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"Bieber is one of the most popular artists on the app, so it's amazing to see him in one of our videos. And a duet with Justin? Check that off this lucky fan's bucket list."

"So cool to see one of our favorite artists, Selena Gomez, cover another of our favorite artists, Drake. In fact, Selena may have out-Draked Drake!"

"We had a blast working with Gucci Mane's team to create this filter that lets you put Gucci's ice cream tattoo on your video—brrr!"

[Video 5 - Pop That clean]

"Videos with friends are always better. Some groups of users have actually created accounts dedicated only to Trillers they make together."

"This kid Jay Versace cracks us up. No one wilds out on Triller more than him!"

To start your new side career as a music video producer, download the Triller app or visit

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