5 Beauty Looks Inspired by Lianne La Havas

The singer and pro guitar player wears geometric eyeliner, gravity-defying buns, bold lipstick—and today's her birthday! Here are five of her beauty looks worth stealing. (In her honor, of course!)

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Look No. 1: Purple Lipstick Is Always a Good Idea

La Havas offsets a summer-white outfit with an aubergine lip color during her performance at the Latitude Festival in Southwold, England. Photograph courtesy of Andrew Benge/Getty Images
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The great thing about a bold purple lipstick is that it can be your entire look—in other words, if you've got purple lipstick on you don't have to do much else. Pair yours with an all-white ensemble like La Havas, or take it to a deeper, darker level with an all-black getup.

The Technique: With a shade of purple as dark as this one, you'll want to make sure your lips are exfoliated so there aren't any visible cracks. Apply a lip liner that's a similar shade all over your lips then layer the lipstick over it.

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Look No. 2: Glow a Little

The singer's glowing makeup look at the 58th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Photograph courtesy of Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Gold becomes a neutral in this simplistic look that's made better with a little gleam in the eye. Although La Havas wore this look to the Grammys, it's perfect for everyday wear, too.

The Technique: The key to achieving this look is using highlighter or gel eyeliner on the inner corners of your eyes. Add a golden hue to the top and bottom lash lines in the inner corner and blend the color outward. Finish with two coats of mascara and add brow filler. For the rest of the face, add a soft, neutral blush and a rosy-nude lip color.

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Look No. 3: Buns and Ponytails Play Well Together

Take a moment to drink in La Havas's look at the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf, Netherlands. Photograph courtesy of Didier Messens/Getty Images

If at one minute you're feeling a low ponytail and the next you're wanting a top-knot, according to La Havas, you can do both at the same damn time.

The Technique: Part your hair horizontally across the crown of your head and secure the separate parts with section clips. Starting with the front section, apply a smoothing styling product from your hairline to the ends with your fingers. Put this part into a high bun and smooth down any lingering flyaways. Repeat this process on the back section, except this time, put your hair into a ponytail. Voilà!

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Look No. 4: Utilize Your Geometry Skills

La Havas performs in London while wearing cool, graphic liner. Photograph courtesy of Gus Stewart/Getty Images
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The triangular shape of La Havas's hair and the sharp angle of her eyeliner adds geometric dimension to her edgy aesthetic—this could work for your look, too!

The Technique: Apply an eyelid primer and once it sets, add a layer of neutral-toned eye shadow that matches your skin color. Using black eyeliner, line the your upper lash line and extend the line to create a winged tip. Starting from the tip of the wing, draw another line that goes into the crease of your lid—the shape should end right above the eye's inner corner.

For the hair, create a part on your preferred side. Then pull back the side with less hair and secure that section with a cool clip or bobby pin. Fluff out the rest of your hair to get a volumized, '80s-inspired style.

Look No. 5: Sometimes a Bow Is All You Need

The best way to secure your updo is with a bow, as shown by La Havas during the Love Supreme Jazz Festival in Lewes, England. Photograph courtesy of Harry Herd/Getty Images

On a lazy Sunday, or any day you're just not feeling up to doing much with your hair, throw a bow in it. La Havas's bow is an example of a low-key statement accessory— it doesn't make too much of a statement but it makes the entire look cooler.

The Technique: This process is as easy as putting hair up into a ponytail. Pull your hair together and tie it with a bow (or secure it with a basic hair band and insert a clip shaped like a bow close to the base of your pony).

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