The 10 Best New Songs on Spotify Right Now

Because we couldn't let you go into the weekend without a new mix.

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"Gemini Feed" by Banks

Banks sure knows how to sing about a tumultuous relationship. Geminis are known for their indecision and duality, which backs up the singer's claims that her lover is passive-aggressive (something she repeats four times throughout the song). But, seeing as they're both Geminis, maybe she's contributing to that vicious cycle, too? No matter. We want the best for Banks, of course, but if these horrible boyfriends are what's helping her make such amazing music, then we'd say don't mess with perfection.

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"New Song" by Warpaint

Warpaint have a new song! And it's called, erm, "New Song"! OK, before you jump to conclusions and disapprove of how weirdly drab and meta that title is, take a listen first. A surprisingly upbeat answer to their lovelorn past work, this one's all about the ecstasy of a new relationship. "You're a new song, baby / You're a new song to me," chants the quartet over high-pitched vocal samples, pulsing drums, and sonorous guitar. Get ready to fall in love with the group all over again.

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"Aquel Señor" by Frankie Reyes

Inspiration for producer Frankie Reyes's latest album came when he was asked to perform at an event centered on Latin modernism. What resulted was his interpretation of that: Traditionally formed Latin music played on an Oberheim synth. The best way to describe it would be as a warm and fuzzy brand of Muzak that you might find yourself enjoying while in an elevator somewhere in Mexico City.

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"Suddenly" (feat. Weyes Blood) by Drugdealer

It's obvious that this track crafted by L.A.-based newcomer Drugdealer sounds, well, drug-induced. (There's no better way to put it, really.) No narcotics are needed to enjoy this dreamy, lethargic track, though. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as Weyes Blood's Natalie Mering takes the lead on vocals for a slightly psychedelic, super-funky trip filled with saxophone and chiming piano chords.

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"Infrared" by Tall Heights

It's difficult to believe that Tall Heights got their start busking on the streets of Boston. Six years later, they're releasing music via Sony Music Masterworks. One listen and it's hard to imagine their gracious yet powerful falsetto voices, backed by flawless production and heroic drums, anywhere else but on a large stage in front of a sold-out crowd.

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"Cute" by D.R.A.M.

Basically a 243-second pick-up line, "Cute" is like listening in on an endearingly glib convo between hip-hop artist D.R.A.M. and his new crush. The song wears its (somewhat thirsty) heart unabashedly on its sleeve, and does so to a gentle, slightly whimsical beat that makes it as much of a banger as it is a sincere declaration of love (or lust, rather). And what's not to adore about a track that declares: "I choose you, like a Pokémon / I choose you, you're selection one"?

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"Big Cat" by Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts and their signature warbling vocals are back with a new LP titled Boy King. Dark, seductive, and minimalist, lead singer Hayden Thorpe croons over a blippy synth and sneaky-sounding bass. It's a languid, sexy tune, that, according to Thorpe, defined the swagger of the entirety of the album during the writing process.

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"Lost & Found" by Betsy

Listen to this track without seeing the artist's name and tell us that you wouldn't have mistaken it for Cher. That'd be no surprise to Welsh artist Betsy, whose rich operatic alto vocals have been compared to Cher's since she debuted (although, the platinum blonde bears no physical resemblance to her). Belted over a drum and bass beat layered with a dramatic performance by a string ensemble, "Lost & Found" is a pop song that would sound as at home in the distant past as it would in the distant future—which makes us all the more glad that it exists in the here and now.

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"Extravagant" by Cam & China

Fierce and vicious, rap duo Cam & China make talking smack poetic (and hilarious). The two are from L.A. but sound more Dirty South than they do West Side. At times, the beat on this track is so deep and dense it almost sounds like it's emanating from a passing car in the distance instead of your earbuds. The piano chords are dark and ominous, and the lyrics are as cutting as they get, but something about this song just hurts so good.

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"Medusa's Outhouse" by Cass McCombs

"Don't leave me hanging," Cass McCombs listlessly pleads. We'd have to ask the same, seeing as this track is the third teaser for his yet-to-be-released album Mangy Love (out August 26). Cass's signature gauzy voice floats atop twangy guitar and gentle drums, lulling you into a dreamy haze you won't want to wake up from.

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