Your New Fall Soundtrack

The perfect playlist for sending off the summer. For a playlist of these songs, find us on Spotify @wearesweet!

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The perfect playlist for sending off the summer.

Angel Olsen

On this track from her new album, My Woman, Angel reminisces about the easygoing early days of a relationship over a gentle bass and sweetly chiming guitars. "Feeling free/ Wanting to see each other all of the time/ Those were the days/ Nothing to lose and nothing to find." Breathy and meandering, her crooning will have you feeling nostalgia for a love affair that may not have ever existed

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"Rope // rosegold"

Isaiah Rashad (feat. SiR)

Isaiah Rashad's new track sounds like two different songs—and, in fact, it is. Part one, "Rope," is earnest and soul-baring: "Then my dad did call me yesterday/ And he cried and cried into my phone/ 'Bout the love that kind that he forgot/ Since he left his family all alone." Part two, "rosegold," wanders into more boastful territory: "I got some old hoes, ha, and some new friends/ And some rose gold, and some, and some rose gold." It might seem tricky to move from one extreme to the other, but Rashad is dexterous enough to pull it off

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"33 'GOD'"

Bon Iver

Our pal Bon continues to churn out the singles and seems to be distancing himself further and further from the cottage-dwelling, tortured artist he once was, rebranding himself as something much more artsy and experimental. This track sounds more like beat poetry than anything, mixing nonsensical, fragmented lyrics and static-y beats with banjo and heavy drums. He may be going in a totally different direction, but it's definitely the right one

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Sylvan Esso

Crafting catchy tunes is this electro-pop duo's bread and butter. Their newest track, a song lamenting being a "slave" to the pressures of the music industry—something the band is becoming more and more familiar with as their success continues to grow—gives all the indications that their next record is going to be one amazing dance album. Keep an eye out for it in 2017

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Declan McKenna

Declan's song may sound lighthearted, but this guy's got something important to say. According to an interview with The Fader, the British musician says it's about "this right wing, Fox News-type TV presenter trying to justify things like police brutality and xenophobia" and that "it's also maybe me trying to rewrite 'next to of course god america i' by E. E. Cummings, but as a pop song." Either way, we're digging you, Declan

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"Carolina Drama" Acoustic Mix

The Raconteurs

You might remember this 2008 track from Jack White's old band, The Raconteurs. The guys have given it a new (but very old-sounding) twist with this acoustic reworking. Fiddles, guitars, haunting backup singers, and Jack's signature ferocious vocal stylings all work in harmony to tell the story of a murder—proving that this song does, in fact, live up to its name 

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We all have that friend who helps us work through (and ultimately escape) our bad relationships. In this song, that's AlunaGeorge. The R&B jam—something new for the normally high-energy electro duo—is smooth and relaxing in the way that a good pal's advice always should be

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"Saturday Night"

Devendra Banhart

Devendra's new bossa nova-tinged track is slow and warbly, like a lucid dream you might have during a disco nap before heading out to a party on Saturday night. Which makes it only fitting when, at one point, he lulls, "Can't keep your eyes from closing." This track may induce sleep, but we won't be sleeping on Devendra's new album, Ape in Pink Marble, out on September 23 

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