Slow Club

BBC Radio 1's Huw Stephens has made a habit of turning us on to the best new artists. This week it's Slow Club, a duo from Sheffield, England, with a slinky, soulful, sexy sound.

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Huw Stephens: Delighted that Charles and Rebecca of Slow Club have come to play for us for this Sweet session! You've been away recording. Which number album will this be?

Charles Watson: Number four.

HS: And where have you made this one?

Rebecca Taylor: Richmond, Virginia, in America.

HS: First time recording in the States?

CW: Yeah.

RT: We've been there a lot, but we've never recorded.

CW: It was great. The studios there are sweet!

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HS: What were you doing? Who was producing it?

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RT: Matthew E. White and his band of merry jazz musicians, who are all amazing. It was kind of old-school—you take a song to them, and they play it. We played a bit, but not really at all. They kind of did it all, and we enjoyed the process, and then sang in the last two days. It was great. It was a really nice experience, a really different way of making an album for us, definitely. I certainly enjoyed it, because I'm lazy. How about you, Charles?

CW: Yeah, it was basically like a really expensive karaoke session with live musicians. It was really, really good fun. I think because we'd demo-ed the whole record, we had a really clear framework for where we wanted it to go, so they just kind of got it, and there wasn't really much lost in translation. They're all really, really musical, as well as being technically good. There's not that kind of thing where you're like, "Can we just bring that in a little bit?" It all kind of seemed to work quite quickly. I'd like to make another record like that. It was really fun.

Slow Club performs at KOKO in London. Photograph courtesy of Brigitte Engl/Getty Images
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HS: Matthew White and the Spacebomb crew in Virginia are known for their jazz and country leanings, aren't they? And your sound has developed over the years. It's a lot plusher than it was right at the beginning when you were just a two-piece, isn't it?

RT: Mm-hmm.

HS: So, when is the album out and has it got a title yet?

CW: It has got a title.

RT: I'm going to make you say it. You've not said it yet.

CW: It's called One Day All of This Won't Matter Anymore.

HS: One Day All of This Won't Matter Anymore.

RT: Yeah, it's very emo.

HS: Oh, I love it.

RT: Yeah, it's great, isn't it?

Photograph courtesy of Slow Club

HS: Where does that come from? Is that from a song or from a state of mind?

RT: So I'm making art now, Huw. One of my pieces was that statement, and then I threw it into a song, and then I thought we could do it, and Charles liked it, so…

HS: Nice.

RT: Yeah.

HS: Tell us about your self-esteem project. I follow you on Instagram, I see what you do—your T-shirts and your designs and everything. It's all really exciting and honest, and empowering, it seems.

RT: Cool.

HS: Where does that all come from?

RT: It's now been bubbling up for ages. Slow Club is our thing, so I can't kind of overbear it with all my feelings, so it's just an overspill car park of the rest of my feelings that would probably make Charles uncomfortable. So far, it's just an Instagram to make some T-shirts and things like that, but I'm making lots of things around it, and I've got plans.

Slow Club performs on stage at Truck Festival at Hill Farm in 2014. Photograph courtesy of Gary Wolstenholme/Getty Images

HS: I urge everybody to check it out. What is it on Instagram?

RT: It's @selfesteemselfesteem.

HS: So check out @selfesteemselfesteem on Instagram, and check out the new Slow Club record this summer, and thank you for coming to play for us today. What's the song you're playing today?

CW: It's called "Where the Light Gets Lost."

HS: Check out Slow Club.

RT: Thank you.

HS: So good, thank you very much.

RT: You're welcome.

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