Honne and On and On

BBC Radio 1's Huw Stephens makes a regular habit of turning us on to the best new artists. This week it's Honne, a duo from London, England, with a sultry, and, OK yes, sexy sound.

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Huw Stephens: Honne, welcome to Sweet and thanks for coming to play for us. How long have you guys been playing together now?

James Hatcher: We met at university quite a few years ago now, but we've been writing and performing as Honne for two years.

HS: Your music's very personal and heartfelt—but live, it really comes to life. It turns into a big performance, doesn't it?

JH: It does, yeah. We play live with other musicians. We've got three more of us on stage, so five in total. From day one we always wanted our live show to be more of a show rather than just two guys—

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Andy Clutterbuck: —playing along to backing tracks with a laptop kind of thing. We wanted it to be a real performance.

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HS: You have played live a lot. You've got an American tour coming up.

JH: We do.

HS: Are you looking forward to that?

JH: We can't wait. In fact, we've just kind of come back from an American tour, and we're going back out again in a couple of months. It's great.

AC: We're not going to the normal spots. Most people go to L.A. or New York, but this time we're going to be going to Seattle and places like that.

JH: Yeah, even middle America. We'll see what that's like.

HS: Nice. And your new single is a collaboration with Izzy Bizu.

JH: It is.

HS: She has a beautiful voice, doesn't she?

AC: Amazing.

HS: How did that collaboration come about?

JH: She was talking to a blog and mentioned us. She said she was listening to us, and this came up on our Twitter feed, and we were like, 'OK, cool.' We got talking to her on Twitter, and we were like, 'We should do some writing together,' and we did. Without even thinking about it, this song came about. It's now both of our next singles.

HS: Today you're performing "Woman," which is a beautiful song.

JH: It's a straight-up love song, but it doesn't necessarily have to be about someone you love. It is about someone you love, but it could be your mom, your sister, your girlfriend, just a special lady in your life.

AC: It was written—not this year, but the year before—between International Women's Day and Valentine's Day. I think it's that order, isn't it?

JH: Yeah.

AC: Yeah, it's sort of an ode to women, I guess.

JH: Yeah.

HS: Honne's love letter.

JH: It is, yeah.

AC: It is.

HS: Thank you for coming to play for us.

AC: Thanks for having us.

The band's debut album, Warm on a Cold Night, is out July 22nd, and they'll be touring in support of it:

July 30 – El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

July 31 – The Casbah in San Diego, CA

August 2 – Larimer Lounge in Denver, CO

August 5 – Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis, MN

August 8 – Lincoln Hall in Chicago, IL

August 9 – The Basement in Columbus, OH

August 10 – Mod Club in Toronto, ON

August 13 – Union Transfer in Philadelphia, PA

August 14 – 9:30 Club in Washington, DC

August 15 – Webster Hall in New York, NY

September 30–October 2 – Austin City Limits in Austin, TX

October7–9 – Austin City Limits in Austin, TX 

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