Hot New Music Perfect for a Long, Hot Weekend

Summer's (unofficially) here! Time for a new soundtrack.

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Long weekends are filled with expectation and excitement, none more so, perhaps, than Memorial Day weekend. It's the unofficial start of summer. BBQs! Long days! Short-shorts! Warm nights! Cold drinks! It's cause for celebration, which means you're going to need some music. Luckily, our weekly playlist has arrived just in time for the party. So lay back, relax (or get up and dance—you do you), and enjoy the sunshine with these equally bright, absolutely brand-new tunes (the full playlist is on Spotify!).

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"Someone Who'll Get It" by Highasakite

This the first single off of Highasakite's forthcoming sophomore album. The Swedish five-piece have a lot to live up to, what with their first album holding the record for longest consecutive run (94 weeks) on Norway's Top 40 charts. The theme of this one, according to lead singer and songwriter Ingrid Helene Håvik, is "war and terrorism." It's a far cry from their heartbroken debut Silent Treatment but the change suits the group—there's something undeniably authoritative and commanding about Håvik's voice. Turns out, Håvik commands the pole as well. Look up the music video to check out her impressive pole dancing skills, which are more Swan Lake than strip club.

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"Blast" by Clams Casino 

It's been a while (three whole years, in fact) since we've heard anything from producer Michael Volpe, a.k.a. Clams Casino. Now he's back with "Blast" as well as a release date for his new album 32 Levels: July 15. Volpe stays true to his hypnotic style with this tune—throbbing synths? Check. Sampled vocals? Absolutely. Atmospheric vibe? Yes indeed. Simple yet simultaneously multi-faceted and practically made for soundtracking a long drive on a lazy, hazy summer day.

Mykki Blanco performs onstage in Los Angeles, 2015. Photograph courtesy of Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

"Highschool Never Ends" by Mykki Blanco and Woodkid

This song, which starts with the distant cry of an apocalyptic siren, almost sounds as though it's been split in two. Half Mykki Blanco's trademark party-themed rhymes (spat over angelic croons, that is) and half producer Woodkid's swelling strings (these come in with force towards the end of the track), it plays more like opera than hip-hop. And, let's be honest, there's no opera we'd love to listen to more than one starring Mykki Blanco. 

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"What's It Gonna Be?" by Shura

Shura may have just secured her reign as the electro-pop queen of summer with this track. Full of sparkly synth, clapping drum machines, and lovelorn lyrics ("I don't wanna give you up/ I don't wanna let somebody else love you but me/ So what's it gonna be?"), this is a yearning song that's as relatable as it is danceable.

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"Stop Desire" by Tegan and Sara 

The twin sister duo are back with another bubbly, anthemic pop song off their upcoming album Love You to Death. It's a banger of a track about a relationship with a distracting amount of passion. When you think about it, Tegan and Sara haven't strayed too far from their early beginnings of "Back in Your Head." They're still lamenting fickle relationships and unrequited emotions—just with a bigger sound—and we love them for it.

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"Boyz n Poizn" by Phoebe Ryan

Phoebe Ryan's voice is so smooth and honey-like, you'd almost completely miss the fact that she's singing about playing with dudes' feelings if you didn't listen closely. "All I do is destroy them/ Until I feel what I want to feel." Damn, girl. But we'll let you get away with it, only because you sound so good singing it. 

"Couldn't Believe" by Broods

If this hopeful, sparkling song doesn't get you to listen to New Zealand duo Broods' new album Conscious, out June 24, then the fact that it was produced by Joel Little (Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding), Troye Silvan, and Captain Cuts and features a duet with Tove Lo and a song co-written by Lorde definitely will.

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"Best Love" by Yuna All sexy smooth tempo and R&B-tinged beats, singer-songwriter Yuna sounds like a modern day Sade on this track. She may be new to you, but in her home of Malaysia, she's already won the country's equivalent of a Grammy. And she's got plenty more where this came from. Her newest album Chapters just came out and it's 13 tracks of goodness, featuring Usher (!) and Jhené Aiko.

"Girlfriend" by NAO 

Growing up, British singer NAO went to the prestigious Guildhall School of Music & Drama to study vocal jazz. After that, she taught a kids' choir in London by rearranging Frank Ocean songs. Then she took a gig singing backup vocals for Pulp. It wasn't until about a year-and-a-half ago that she started writing her own music. The result of that is For All We Know and "Girlfriend" is just one soul-infused preview of her incredible voice. Cathartic, beat-heavy, and filled with vocals so impressive they almost sound otherworldly, "Girlfriend" has us thanking the music gods that NAO decided to stop teaching and start recording.

"Burn" by Temper Trap

Burn is taken from Thick As Thieves,Temper Trap's third album, out June 10. This time around, the group collaborated with songwriters who've worked with the likes of Lana Del Rey, Frank Ocean, and Animal Collective. Despite the new blood, "Burn" proves that the group has managed to retain their big, anthemic sound. Soaring and wistful, it makes for a good running track—something to push you through the final stretch. Temper Trap seem to have a knack for these sorts of songs, and it's one we're happy to report they haven't lost in their time away.

Sampha performing at Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival 2015 in Manchester, TN. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

"Timmy's Prayer" by Sampha 

Sampha hasn't released much solo work in a while but we'll forgive him—he's been busy collaborating with SBTRKT and some guy named Kanye. The singer released the smooth, soulful track last week with a note for fans via Twitter: "It's been a while. I've had a lot to process these past couple of years, as we all do, and it's hard to articulate sometimes. I wanted to say thank you to all the people who've shown me so much love and support. I'm looking forward to start sharing my music with you again." So are we, Sampha.

"Don't Stop" by Klyne

Klyne's new track has a lovely dark and jaunty beat to it. Even darker is the video that accompanies it. Starring a dancer who seduces her admirer just before killing him, the scenario validates the sinister vibes that the track radiates. But sometimes sinister can be fun. Case in point: "Don't Stop."

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