Solo2 Headphones by Beats by Dre

Give the gift of noise cancellation.

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It doesn't matter if it's the girls on the subway, one of the neighbor's cows mooing too loudly, or a parent discussing the finer points of stained glass on a cathedral tour of southern France: if someone is listening to their music, they don't want to hear any of it. To avoid such annoyances, persuade your music-loving friend to ditch the ubiquitous white cords and try some over-ear headphones. Buying them a pair is a good place to start, our research has shown. But why the Solo2 from Beats By Dre? Because they're super-lightweight and can be folded up and carried around easily. Because they come in lots of cool colors. Because the earcups are ergonomically designed. And because these headphones ensure the only thing they'll hear is the Spotify playlist you made them (you might want to get on that).

Solo2 headphones, $200,

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