26 of the Best Beyoncé Dance Moves, From A to Z

Anyone can memorize a single music video. But can you recreate every brilliant Beyoncé move ever? This totally addictive new video breaks it down.

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You know how it goes. Someone throws on a Beyoncé track, and, no matter how tired you are, your body involuntarily begins to sway, then your hips shake and your hair flips to the beat. You may not look exactly like Beyoncé, but you're feeling her power.

"Beyoncé really has taken the torch from Michael Jackson in keeping dance alive."

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To celebrate that power, and the contributions she's made to dance since Destiny's Child first signed to Columbia Records 20 years ago, a group of New York creatives has made The A–Z of Beyoncé Dance, a super-fun and compulsively watchable video cataloguing her best moves.

Check it out below, then read our interview with producer and creative director Sebastian Andreassen!

There are a million and one Beyoncé dance videos out there. What inspired you to make your own?

This is different because it highlights dance moves from all aspects of Beyoncé's career—live performance, videos, and TV ads. It's less of a tutorial and more a celebration. Adam France, who directed the video, and I were also inspired by the rare opportunity to collaborate with inspiring and unique New York talent on a passion project that celebrates the love of dance and the joy of Beyoncé.

What's your favorite Beyoncé era?

She keeps getting stronger with each era! She completely breaks the mould each time. There hasn't been one era I haven't loved. But I can't deny the white-hot era that was the Dangerously in Love album.

"She pushed dance into new territory in all her work."

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Are there any other dance moves that you wish you had space to include?

The original list that Adam and I had was really long, and it was actually a challenge to decide what to leave and keep. One I wish I could have included was the choreography from "Formation." I would have needed an army of ladies, and the song also has such a strong message, which I didn't want to get wrong and inadvertently disrespect.

Beyoncé's dancing is so mesmerizing. What is it that you think makes it really pop?

She really has taken the torch from Michael Jackson in keeping dance alive in our A-list entertainers. She is the go-to for a tour where the musician sings and dances, and she pushed dance into new territory in all her work. She has also developed her own genre that works with her music, her body, and her message. It's been hugely inspiring and empowering to people the world over.

Head over to blog-a-z-of-beyonce-blog.tumblr.com to share the project.

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