Good Design for Bad Moods

Stay Home Club's apparel is the perfect attire for curling up on the couch and not answering texts, for telling friends you have dinner plans and then ordering pizza, for staying in bed with your cat on a Saturday night. Come, join the club.

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"We are a club that never meets, but a club nonetheless" states Stay Home Club, a self-proclaimed "range of lifestyle products for people with no life" started by illustrator Olivia Mew in 2012, about a year after graduating art school. "The original inspiration for the logo was my own life!" says Mew. "I only have two cats, but have long been a fan of staying in on a Friday night instead of going out and raging." We know the feeling.

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"We are a club that never meets, but a club nonetheless."

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The Montreal-based design studio launched their fall collection this week, featuring designs from new contributing artists Lisa Vanin and Tyson Bodnarchuk, as well as alumni collaborators Kaye Blegvad, Julia Bereciartu, and Satoshi Kurosaki. "Much of this collection is heavily influenced by fauna," explains Mew. "Lisa's patches are all wildlife, and Julia gave us five new patches and pins based on dogs." A few of which we are promptly adding to our shopping cart.

What a wonderful world it would be if we were all just happy alone, together. Tiger Tears Womens' Knit Sweater, $97, and Emotional Baggage Sleepover Bag by Gemma Correll for Stay Home Club, $45.

So why do their crewneck sweaters emblazoned with "Awful" and "The Worst" resonate with so many people? "When we started in 2012, our customers were so excited to find themselves within this 'club' of like-minded people who liked to stay home," says Mew. "There wasn't much out there like it at the time. As time has passed, we've evolved the ideas and aesthetic of the brand, but we always strive for that initial feeling that we're contributing something original and desirable to the world of casual fashion. I think people find the originality refreshing."

This is about as far out of the house as we're willing to go sometimes. Stay Home Club T-shirt, $23.

Looking to get some statement gear for yourself? Be sure to snap a pic and tag them in it! "I love seeing how our customers wear and use our products," Mew tells us. "I spend time going through our new tagged photos on Instagram every morning!" (Check them out on Instagram: @stayhomeclubofficial.)

Scroll on for Stay Home Club patches, pins, tote bags, jewelry, and apparel to cover just about any feeling you may be having—because sometimes you just need to let your unhappy flag fly.

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