This Designer Does Snapchat Better Than Everybody

Rebecca Minkoff was one of the first designers to join Snapchat. Now it's her key behind-the-scenes storytelling tool. Here's how she makes it all happen.

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Designer Rebecca Minkoff shares her pre-show excitement with Sweet.

What's the most surprising connection you've made on social media?

Well, this will date me, but it was MySpace, meeting my husband. We were set up, but I went on MySpace to check him out, pre-Facebook stalking. Then, when we decided to start talking, he contacted me on MySpace.

Rebecca Minkoff putting together the finishing touches two days before her show. Courtesy Rebecca Minkoff
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If you were going to hire someone based on their social media presence, what would you look for?

I'd look for the ability to take a good picture. I'd look for a curated feed: if they take images of unexpected or less obvious moments, and try to capture angles or intimate situations.

An icy treat for cooling off after a blistering day.

The audience for the Rebecca Minkoff spring 2017 show was packed into the street in front of Minkoff's SoHo store. Courtesy Rebecca Minkoff
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How can someone who's interested in a career in fashion use Snapchat to their advantage?

I think people use it almost like their own reality show, so it's important to tell a particular story throughout the day. Snapchat isn't really about beautifully shot stuff. Right now it's just down and dirty and grainy, and more about the narrative you can put together.

All smiles during hair and makeup.

A quick team meeting before everyone walks out. Courtesy Rebecca Minkoff

How does Snapchat allow you to showcase the lead-up to each new show in a way that you couldn't do previously?

We got on Snapchat two or three years ago. It was us and Taco Bell; we were maybe the only two brands snapping. Snapchat provides this play-by-play, what's happening in real time behind the scenes. With Instagram, people don't want to see more than two posts a day from a brand. Snapchat can tell that more in-depth story.

For the finale, the models walked out wearing leather jackets with slogans promoting good vibes. Courtesy Rebecca Minkoff

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