Which Glasses Are the Best for Your Face?

It's all about having a good working knowledge of your own visage. Here, the founders of Warby Parker explain everything you need to know, plain and simple.

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Ashby Frames, $145, warbyparker.com.
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If Your Face Is Heart-Shaped

Heart-shaped faces are widest at the forehead, and gently taper down to the chin. "With a heart-shaped face, you can wear frames that are wider at the bottom," Warby Parker co-founders Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa tell us. "Frames with a cat-eye shape also work nicely."

Turenne Half/Half Light Tortoise Optical, $165, illesteva.com.
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"Overall, we always suggest picking a frame size that's proportionate to the size of your face," Blumenthal and Gilboa say. "Frames that are too small will make a wide face look wider, while frames that are too big can diminish your features." Here, Sweet's editorial intern Nicola Dall'Asen demonstrates how to pick out bold eyeglasses that don't overwhelm your face.

Pfeiffer Eyeglasses in Current and Brindle Tortoise, $170, raen.com.

There's that cat-eye again! To really highlight your eyes, try a pair of see-through frames, like this tinted style from Raen.

If Your Face Is Oval

Sidney Frames in Olive Tortoise, $250, moscot.com.

"An oval face is the lucky draw," according to Blumenthal and Gilboa. "You can basically wear whatever you want, since the ratio of your features is already even."

Casey Frames in Melon, $95, warbyparker.com.
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Those with oval face shapes, like Sweet's senior editor Rebecca Bates, get to experiment with shape and proportion. Why not go nuts and choose a pair of frosted melon frames with oversized end-pieces?

Stanley Frames, $165, illesteva.com.
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"For your staple pair, you want a frame that you won't regret wearing when you see photos of yourself five (or ten, or twenty!) years later," Blumenthal and Gilboa advise. We're guessing future-Rebecca will still be on board with these rounded Illesteva frames in 2026.

If Your Face Is Round

Fionah Frames in Cream, $250, moscot.com.
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Contrast is key when it comes to picking eyeglasses, which is why rectangular styles work so well with soft features. "We recommend distinct, angular frames," Warby Parker's Blumenthal and Gilboa say. "Bold right angles match best with a rounder face."

Winston Frames in Cognac Tortoise and Citron, $145, warbyparker.com.

Right angles for days. This tortoiseshell pair from Warby Parker is about as classic as rectangular frames get.

Doheny 53 Eyeglasses in Fading Black and Crystal, $170, raen.com.

Another tip from Blumenthal and Gilboa: "The face shape rules are general guidelines, but overall, keep an open mind when trying on frames. The ones that look the best are sometimes the exact opposite of what people are looking for." The fade effect on these Raen glasses makes them a bit less bold than our other picks for folks with round faces, but they totally work on our editorial assistant, Rebecca Deczynski.

If Your Face Is Square

Prism Frames, $70, eyebuydirect.com.

Again, the big thing here is juxtaposition. "A rounder frame will work well with a more angular face," Blumenthal and Gilboa explain. Here, our photo director Christian Storm tries out a rounded style from EyeBuyDirect.

Chelsea Frames, $95, warbyparker.com.

Of course, round doesn't have to mean Harry-Potter-round. These nearly clear Warby Parker frames are angled upwards, but still maintain that soft shape that complements square faces so well.

Concept Frames, $70, eyebuydirect.com.

If you have a prominent jawline, Blumenthal and Gilboa recommend choosing a frame that's wider than the widest part of your face to balance your features.

Finally, Let's Talk About Eyebrows

Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa leave us with these final words of advice: "Generally, the frames that fit the best match up horizontally with your temples, sit below your eyebrows, and rest comfortably on the bridge of your nose." But! "When you're wearing sunglasses, you can take more liberties and have fun—eyebrow rules don't apply!"

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