Is This the Coziest Shop on the Internet?

With playfully sardonic sweatshirts and tees, Kin Ship Goods makes cozy look cool.

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Hard Feelings Women's Varsity Tee, $30.
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If a single store could capture the feeling of drinking an enamel mug of hot coffee on a cool autumn day in the country, all the while bundled up in a handmade, hand-me-down quilt, that store would be Kin Ship Goods. The West Virginian shop has made itself known for its homey vibes that are infused with plenty of cheeky attitude—and that's why it's our go-to for an autumn wardrobe update, even if we don't have a log cabin to hole up in for the weekend.

Small Towner Sweatshirt, $50.
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"The Kin Ship aesthetic is inspired by starry nights, peeling paint, vintage keepsakes, imperfections, labors of love, and early mornings," says cofounder Hillary Harrison. "Our customer is someone who appreciates things that are a little rough around the edges.

Ask Me About My Cat Sweatshirt, $50.

Kin Ship Goods started in 2009 as an art gallery in St. Louis run by Harrison and cofounder Dan Davis. "After about six months, we realized that we wanted to focus on making our own stuff, instead of just curating other folks' work," says Harris. "So, we launched a little company. Our first product was a set of Halloween greeting cards!"

Black Sheep Sweatshirt, $50.

Since then, Kin Ship has turned its small-town, slow-living philosophy into a brand that encapsulates everything wholesome and cozy—with the occasional spooky vibe. Who says it can't feel like October all year long?

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