Brazilian Sneakers None of Your Friends Will Have

These shoes have more than one stamp in their passport.

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For the Ladies

V-10 Extra White Nautico Pekin Sneakers, $132,
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With Faux Fur

If you're not familiar with Veja sneakers, let's catch you up. They're designed in France and manufactured in Brazil (which makes them Parisian-chic, with laid-back beachy vibes), crafted from organic cotton and wild rubber (which makes them eco-friendly), and are retro without looking costumey (which makes them really easy to style). Take the red, white, and blue color palette of these Veja V-10s (above), and run with it.

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With Trousers

When you're wearing cute-as-hell sneakers, you may as well highlight them with a pair of trousers whose hems look like they're pointing directly at your feet. These cropped, stepped-hem cigarette pants do the trick.

V-10 Leather Mat Nude Sneakers, $159,
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For the Guys

V-10 Extra White Nautico Pekin Sneakers, $123,

With Khakis

When do khakis not look like dad pants? When they're olive green, slim-cut, and paired with really great sneakers. Pile on the neutrals and let your kicks take center stage.

With Dress Pants

What is a formal sneaker, exactly? We're not sure, but these seem pretty close. Pairing them with wine-colored dress pants feels right, so let's not fight it.

V-10 Leather Mat Tuile Sneakers, $159,

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