Your Favorite Slip-On Sneakers Just Got a Cozy Makeover

Weatherized, shearling-lined Vans might be the ultimate fall adventure shoes.

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For the Ladies

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With Cargo Pants

When can you swap out your jeans for cargo pants? When they're streamlined, cuffed, and lacking any velcro pockets. Add some texture with a slouchy velvet blazer and fuzzy slip-on sneakers.

Silk Cami, $30,
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With a Sweater Dress

There are precious few tights-free days left this fall, so make the most of them with a really great outfit. This oversize sweater dress and indigo-dyed statement coat combo definitely qualifies, and it'll still look good with tights on days when you have no choice.

For the Guys

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With a Knit Jacket

You're already wearing shearling-lined sneakers, so take the cozy factor up a few notches with a nubby knit jacket and a marled wool sweater.

Marled Lambswool Sweater, $70,

With a Barn Coat

OK, these sneakers aren't fuzzy, but they will protect you from the elements—Vans recently updated its classic high-top skate shoe with reinforced soles, water-resistant leather, and a heat-retention layer. Add a waxed barn coat to really weather-proof your look.

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