5 Super-Creative Ways to Style Your Button-Down Shirt

Brand new ways to wear the shirt that's already in your closet.

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The Tie-Waist Tunic

Button-down shirts by M. Martin, available at mmartin.com December 1; Jeans by Priscavera; Jewelry worn throughout by By Boe.
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Oversize, voluminous, button-downs-with-a-twist (bell sleeves! cutouts! cold shoulders!) are a full-on thing this season, but there's no need to buy one if you already have two oxford shirts in your closet (bonus points if you own a solid and a print). Unbutton both, lay them flat, and put Shirt One's buttons through Shirt Two's buttonholes. Then, stick your arms through the armholes closest to the unbuttoned side, and button the loose ends together. Last, knot the extra sleeves around your waist. You just made a tunic, you fashion genius.

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The Backless Top

Band Collar Striped Shirt by Unravel Project, $790, farfetch.com; Fairfax Bralette by Strita DTLA, $62, stritadtla.com; Trousers by Helmut Lang.

Putting a button-down shirt on backwards feels wrong, but do it for the look. Tuck any extra fabric into the front of your trousers for a clean silhouette, then knot the loose ends behind your back. Spend the rest of your day making dramatic exits.

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The Twist-and-Tuck

Stylist's own button-down shirt; Trousers by Sea.

Start with a button-down that's a few sizes too big (a men's shirt also works great here), and completely ignore the buttons. Just pull the right side of your top towards your left hip and tuck it into your pants. Then, pull the left side towards your right hip, and tuck it in, too. Roll up the sleeves a couple times, and you have a look that's effortless, but with a strong point of view.

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The Corset

Stylist's own T-shirt; Button-down shirt by Sea; Stretch Denim Wide Leg Trousers, $345, jennifer-chun.com.
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OK, time for some advanced moves. Without putting your arms through your shirt's arm-holes, start buttoning it up your torso, stopping at your chest. Next, take those loose sleeves, bring them around front, and tie them in a double knot, smoothing out any bumps as you go.

The Wraparound Skirt

Dress by M. Martin, available at mmartin.com December 1; Button-down shirt by Jennifer Chun.

And now, the final test: can you turn your button-down shirt into a skirt? Hold the shirt around your waist, and start buttoning, leaving the first few buttons near the collar open. (Again, an oversize shirt works best here.) Then, pull the loose sleeves around and tie them in the front. We like the way a shirt-skirt adds some surprise to a slip dress, but you can also wear one on its own.

Styled by Helen Rendell. Model: Lara G. for Wilhelmina. Hair and Makeup: Rika Shimada for Defacto Inc

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