Fine Jewelry That You (And Your Wallet) Will Love Forever

Real-deal jewelry isn't as expensive as you think.

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The Second Skin Necklace

Ariel Necklace, $120,
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This is the type of wispy, tiny, sparkly thing that looks just as good against bare skin in the summer as it does nestled over a crewneck sweater in December. Start with one, and work your way up to layering.

Yellow Gold and Silver Classic Charms Necklace by Scosha, $245,
Cygnus Necklace in Moonstone and Silver, $280,
Face Necklace in 14K Gold by Sarah & Sebastian, $345,
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The Stacking Rings

Thanks to the delicate-jewelry boom, there are plenty of diamond-studded (or architectural or wax-carved) real-deal rings under $300 (plus a few extra-fancy ones below the $500 mark).

Lynne Ring, $235,
Tiny Moon Ring in Gold, $295,
Twisted Sapphire Ring by Celine Daoust, $495,

The Understated Hoops

When are hoops not just hoops? When they're hand-hammered, fitted with ultra-shiny silver beads, or fashioned into shapes that aren't your standard circle. A word on gold-filled jewelry (like the Aoko Su dagger hoops, below): it's coated with a much thicker (and higher-quality) layer of gold than gold-plated jewelry, and won't turn your skin green.

Gold Fill Dagger Earrings by Aoko Su, $82,
Blade Mini Hoops, $124,
Sophie Hoops, $140,
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The Never-Take-It-Off Bracelet

When your bracelet is such a part of your look that you forget to take it off before you shower, you know it's real.

Bowie 4 Ever Bracelet, $242,
Meridian Cuff in Silver, $250,
Mini Rising Bracelet, $280,
Fringe Bracelet by Hannah Keefe, $290,
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The Everyday Studs

If you have multiple holes in each ear, try mixing and matching (we especially love this look with two different shapes, like a huggie and a straightforward stud).

Herkimer Diamond Hug Hoops, $200,
Sophia Studs, $223,
Diamond Crescent Claw Stud Earrings by Hayley K.S., $248,

The Wild Cards

If your #OOTD is missing something, that problem can usually be solved with an oversize piece of sculptural silver jewelry: it'll erase any trace of "I just pulled this shirt off my floor."

Wrap Neck Cuff, $464,
Small Pendo Drops, $198,
Solar Silver Bracelet by Maria Black, $320,
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