Change Your Entire Look With One Bandana

They're not regular bandanas, they're *fancy* bandanas.

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The Updated Cowgirl

The red bandana and simple T-shirt pairing is about as classic as it gets.
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This is an easy way to take your typical white T-shirt and leather (or denim) jacket combo and kick it up a notch. Grab a bandana, fold it in half like a triangle, and tie the ends in a knot at the back of your neck. The fact that this season's bandanas have evolved beyond your basic red or navy paisley (hello, silver mesh and embroidered roses) keeps the styling trick from looking too rodeo.

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The New and Improved Choker

Better than a little velvet choker any day.

If you're looking to try an unexpected accessory, skip the jewelry and turn an embellished bandana into a choker instead. For a little more glam, layer long necklaces over the bandana and a camisole for a night out.

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The Knot

So much style, so little effort.

Now that you've mastered the cowgirl and the choker, it's time for a slightly more complicated bandana move: the roll and knot. Fold your bandana into a triangle, roll it up, and tie it around your neck. You can leave the knot in front, boy scout-style, or swing it to your shoulder for a '60s vibe. Go for a traditional print in a luxe fabric (like the silk Opening Ceremony and Ellery options below) or an nontraditional print in classic cotton (looking at you, Zara camo bandana). Keep it all casual with chambray button-downs, crewneck sweaters, and graphic sweatshirts.

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The Bag Scarf

An accessory for your accessories.

Bandanas aren't just for your neck. If your go-to fall purse could use a revamp, tie a bandana around the strap (in a knot or a bow, depending on your mood). White bandanas pop against black leather, and navy styles look luxe with brown bags.

The Headband

The bandana is truly the chameleon of accessories.

What do you, Rosie the Riveter, and every guy at fashion week have in common? The ability to make a bandana headband the focal point of your look. Wear one around your forehead or, more practically, use it to push your hair back. Try it with a denim jacket, slightly slouchy trousers, and classic white sneakers.

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