The Tyranny of Loose Change is Over

Thanks to this new problem-solving wallet.

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Several times a week, I go to the same smoothie place and get the same smoothie (a mix of berries, orange juice, and ginger). It's always exactly $8.57. I hand the cashier a $10 bill. The change is then $1.43, a disastrous mix of coins and cash. I try to shove the coins in the same slot in my wallet as the dollar bill—you know, to move the line along—but my hands are shaking with the terrible unease that accompanies trying to put money away quickly.

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Like an infomercial, but for something you actually desperately need.

When I inevitably drop something, I look around and laugh nervously. "I'm so sorry," I say. "I'm just so, so sorry." This is called Unnecessary Small Change Storage Anxiety, and a design team in Singapore has just invented the perfect wallet to prevent you from having to experience this phenomenon ever again.

The concept behind the Kin wallet is simple: Drop your cash and coins into the same slot. The wallet then sorts these for you, keeping the cash where you normally store bills and moving the coins to a small pouch. Kin is also made from water-resistant materials and is designed to hold several cards while still lying flatter than your current wallet. But here's the thing: the designers won't reveal how their sorting mechanism works. They write on their Kickstarter page: "We've deliberately kept the secret behind KIN under wraps to prevent the idea from being distributed before we can have it produced."

Kin is mysterious, good-looking, maybe magic, and clearly so necessary that its Kickstarter was 1,000% funded in 40 hours.

To learn more about Kin, the wallet that will spare you any loose-change embarrassment, visit

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