The Most Genius T-Shirt Concept We've Seen in a While

Brilliant directors' names as metal band logos—sometimes it's the simplest ideas that are the best ones. Here, Sweet editors share the tees they're going to snap up ASAP.

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Martin Scorsese Meets Scorpions

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Picked By: Catherine Fuentes, managing editor, @cat_fuentes

In 'Goodfellas,' Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro, and Ray Liotta learn that it's all fun and games until someone loses a war with the FBI.
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Favorite Scorsese Movie: Goodfellas. To me, the mark of an exceptional film is when you can't change the channel when you come across it on cable—even if you already own the DVD (which, in this case, I do). Need more incentive to check it out? This is the film that inspired David Chase to create The Sopranos, and it rightly appears on pretty much every Best Films of All Time list.

Scorpions Song I'll Listen to While Wearing It: "Rock You Like a Hurricane"

Werner Herzog Meets Danzig

Picked by: Rebecca Bates, senior editor, @re.beccabates

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Favorite Herzog Movie: This is an impossible question to answer. Werner Herzog has the strangest, most captivating voice I've ever heard and seems to find literally everything compelling, as evidenced by the range of his work. In 2010's Cave of Forgotten Dreams, he ventured into the Chauvet Cave in southern France, where there are 32,000-year-old cave paintings; the following year, he released Into the Abyss, a profile on a death-row inmate in Texas. But perhaps my favorite Herzog moment is when, in an interview, he says of chickens, "The enormity of their flat brain, the enormity of their stupidity is just overwhelming."

Danzig Song I'll Listen to While Wearing It: "Am I Demon"

John Carpenter Meets The Carpenters

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Picked by: Stefan Marolachakis, senior editor, @stefanmymind

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Favorite Carpenter Movie: Halloween II. The movie picks up mere moments after Halloween ends! No corny catch-ups with the old gang, or unnecessary exposition about how everyone's been since the last time Michael Myers ran roughshod over the town—just straight back into the action. And the combination of the classically horrifying P.O.V. shots of Michael Myers as he prowls about and the spot-on camp of Donald Pleasence's performance as a doctor at the end of his rope make for one truly great horror film.

Carpenters Song I'll Listen to While Wearing It: "Superstar"

Harmony Korine Meets Korn

Picked by: Mallory Rice, deputy editor, @mallory-rice

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Favorite Korine Movie: As a former resident of Florida, I'm always looking for books and movies that can depict its particular brand of insanity in new ways. So, yes, while I can admit that Kids definitely had a huge impact on me, it's Spring Breakers that has my heart. For those of you who've never been to Florida—the debauchery that you see in the movie is exactly what my teenage years were like, shot for shot. Kidding, but the film's wild spirit and foreboding undercurrent really capture what it felt like to grow up there.

Korn Song I'll Listen to While Wearing It: "Freak on a Leash" (duh)

Pedro Almodóvar Meets Aerosmith

Picked by: Maia Schoenfelder, writer, @maiaschoenf

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Favorite Almodóvar Movie: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. What happens when you take a few heartbroken ladies, sleeping pills, some gazpacho, and Antonio Banderas? Chaos, naturally. Being a teenage New Yorker, I truly related to the feeling of being a grown woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and this hilarious film spoke to me (through subtitles, tbh).

Aerosmith Song I'll Listen to While Wearing It: "Sweet Emotion"

Lars Von Trier Meets Van Halen

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Picked by: Rebecca Deczynski, editorial assistant, @rebeccadecz

Sadness and existential dread have never looked so good.

Favorite Von Trier Movie: Melancholia. As a planet hurtles towards Earth, even the grandeur of a lavish wedding pales in the growing anxiety about the future of human life. It's impossible to watch Von Trier's visually rich and moody film, set to a dirgelike opera by Wagner, and not be left feeling bereft. It's a kind of sadness that makes you feel wiser and more in tune with the mysteries of the universe.

Van Halen Song I'll Listen to While Wearing It: "You're No Good"

Brian De Palma Meets Def Leppard

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Picked by: Chanel Parks, assistant editor, @chanelinezp

Favorite De Palma Movie: Carrie. As portrayed by Sissy Spacek, Carrie is the OG Eleven from Stranger Things—without the whole government thing. De Palma constantly uses tight close-ups of Spacek's face to show the torment, terror, and soon-to-be-unleashed badassery in her blank expression and wide eyes. I'm a sucker for people wreaking havoc with their minds—cue the bloody, fiery, fantastic prom scene—so of course I was instantly reminded of De Palma's cult classic when I laid eyes on this Def Leppard-inspired shirt.

Def Leppard Song I'll Listen to While Wearing It: "Pour Some Sugar on Me"

Stanley Kubrick Meets Kraftwerk

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Picked by: Chantal Strasburger, assistant editor, @chantagold

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Favorite Kubrick Movie: The Shining. Obviously not an easy decision given Stanley Kubrick's impressive oeuvre, but how can you say no to Jack Nicholson's disturbing portrayal of Jack Torrance, a writer who slowly descends into madness—a truly hair-raising, spine-chilling performance.

Kraftwerk Song I'll Listen to While Wearing It: "We Are the Robots"

Luis Buñuel Meets Bauhaus

Picked by: Christian Storm, photo editor, @cstorm44

Aaaaaand this would be the scene that everyone remembers.

Favorite Buñuel Movie: Un Chien Andalou. As every proud graduate of Modern Art 101 can attest, you always remember where you were when you first saw the scene. The one with…the eyeball. While the iconic visual was shocking, it was the surreal structure of the film that stuck with me, like a dream I half-remembered.

Bauhaus Song I'll Listen to While Wearing It: "Bela Lugosi's Dead"

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