Pack It Up, Pack It In

Pardon Haerfest while it wins the backpack game.

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Puppies Love Haerfest's New Colorblock Backpack (and So Will You)
15 Capsule Backpack
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Fully lined and made with water-resistant nylon and sturdy leather straps, the Haerfest I5 Capsule backpack is one of those perfectly simple designs that features upscale details in just the right places.

Outrageously adorable puppy not included—though he is, in fact, currently up for adoption at the Humane Society of New York. Call (212) 752-4842 for more details. If the line is busy, just call back—you're not the only one reading this. ;)

(Also, we'll be doing this type of thing regularly, so if this dog isn't available anymore, rest assured there will be others!)

15 Capsule Backpack, $325,

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