5 Wallets That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Trust us, these inventive designs—all currently featured on Kickstarter—are going to make you feel like your life is completely in order.

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For Embracing a Minimalist Lifestyle

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The Wallet: Supr Slim

The Style: At just 3 millimeters thick, Supr Slim is an unobtrusive addition to your pocket, available in five different colors.

The Function: Whether you have two cards or a dozen, Supr Slim will keep them in place with its stretchy fabric that adjusts to its contents. When you want to lighten your load, this is the wallet that does the trick—it doesn't get any simpler than this.

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For Saying Good-Bye to Loose Change

The Wallet: KIN

The Style: This wallet is basic, streamlined, and, at first glance, not all that different from your traditional bi-fold.

The Function: Just toss your loose change into your KIN right along with your bills, and it will be sorted into a pocket of its own, separate from your cash and cards. Your days of apologetic fumbling at the cash register are over.


For Staying Organized in Style

The Wallet: HAK 360 Traveler

The Style: With its five different compartments, the 360 Traveler is a small but mighty organizational tool, available in a combination of cream and three accent colors: red, blue, and gray.

The Function: This wallet has space for cards, cash, your passport, your phone, a mini-notebook, cables, and earphones! With this, you'll be able to keep everything you need in one tidy spot, whether you're traveling abroad or simply commuting to work.


For Never Getting Locked Out Again

The Wallet: The Liquid Wallet

The Style: With a scratch-resistant surface, the Liquid Wallet is a more industrial-looking option for those who prefer simplicity to novelty.

The Function: When your keychain and your wallet are one and the same, you only ever need to worry about carrying one sleek, compact item. Plus, it fits easily in even the smallest pockets.


For Turning Any Wallet Into a Smart Wallet

The Wallet: Leif

The Style: As slim as the average credit card.

The Function: Slip Leif into your wallet and never worry about losing it again. The card connects with an app to tell you where your wallet is at all times—and to warn you if it suddenly travels beyond a set range. Leave your wallet behind after a night out? You'll know where to find it.


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