These Bags Are Made Out of Billboards (Seriously)

An unlikely solution to a little-known problem is about to become your next weekend bag.

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If you've ever taken a road trip, you've witnessed firsthand how many billboards exist in the world. But have you ever thought about what happens to those signs when they're no longer needed? Rareform has.

'We called executives at multi-billion-dollar advertising companies and asked them to team up with two brothers who had a crazy idea,
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Rareform is a sustainable lifestyle brand that takes billboards and repurposes them into bags, totes, phone cases—you name it. The idea was sparked when founding brothers Alec and Aric Avedissian went on a backpacking trip through South America in 2012 and saw old billboard vinyl being used to cover roofs. After doing a little research, the Avedissians found that the material happens to be waterproof, UV-resistant, lightweight, and incredibly durable—which made it the perfect fabric for their first product, a surfboard bag. From there, they expanded the range into nearly indestructible travel gear, wallets, and tech accessories.

'Aric and I were living in LA, and didn't have a warehouse or anywhere to store them, so we gave the truck driver our parents' address without telling them,
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So how exactly does the process work? The California-based company sources signs from all over the country, then washes, cuts, and sews the vinyl at their LA headquarters. The best part of it all? Every month, Rareform saves over 20,000 pounds of billboard vinyl from sitting in landfills.

Rareform started out in an attic in Santa Monica above a boxing gym. Now the company has its own warehouse and ships internationally.

Intrigued by the billboard-to-bag concept? Check out some of our favorite Rareform products below!

Card Holder, $24.

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Pencil Case, $22.

Bi-Fold Wallet, $32.

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Rio Backpack, $70.

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Light Duffle, $48.

iPhone Case Wallet, $28.

Basic Tote, $38.

Shortboard Bag, $88.

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