Don't Leave the House Without This One (Very Cute) Thing

Your keys are lonely. Give them a friend.

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Imagine for a moment that your keys have feelings (just go with it, please). They spend all of their time alone in dark places—like pockets, purses, and banal wooden key hooks. Not the most thrilling existence, right?

If you had the power to change these keys' lives—and gain a cool accessory in the process—you would, right? Then allow us to tell you about Key Friends.

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Key Friends uses playful, childhood memorabilia—like Barbie heads, Troll dolls, and mini action figures—to create teeny, tiny functional art works. Behind the project is Carley Holtsinger, who designs under the effervescent (but presumably somewhat sardonic) moniker Sparkle Diva.

Here's how Holtsinger came up with the idea of "statement keychains," and where you can get one for yourself (or your non-key friends!).

Hard to misplace your car keys when they're attached to a pink-ponytailed Barbie.
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What led you to creating artistic keychains, of all things?

Remember that scene from The Hot Chick where Anna Faris is trying to pepper spray Rob Schneider, and she pulls out that ridiculously large glob of keychains? That was a big source of inspiration for creating a sort of "statement" key chain. Also, the never-ending dilemma of not being able to find your keys, no matter how small your bag is. Key Friends is there to help!

Perfect for the keys to your vacation home (or backyard).

Where do you find things like miniature plastic bananas or micro teddy bears for the keychains?

In the beginning of Key Friends, materials came from my unnecessary collection of cute objects and toys. I used Key Friends as an excuse to minimize that collection and share with the world! Now, materials come from my everyday adventures, whether that's a dollar store (NYC's best-kept secret), vintage store, or a childhood toy box.

A suggestive gift for your super forgetful friend.

Since each Key Friend is different, are you able to take custom orders?

On my website I have a "Feeling Adventurous" Key Friend. When you purchase it, you can leave me a word or phrase and I will make a custom Key Friend based on my interpretation of that!

Key Friends, $30 each,

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