10-Second Styling Tips That Will Change Your Whole Look

You can transform your look when you have zero time. Designer Thakoon Panichgul shows us how.

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Labels traditionally present their clothes half a year before they hit stores—showing spring fashions in September and fall styles in February—but that's starting to change thanks to designers like Thakoon Panichgul, who made his latest collection available for purchase the second it debuted at New York Fashion Week this Thursday. To match his forward-thinking, see-now-buy-now model (which Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, and Burberry have also adopted), Thakoon had his models parade in front of futuristic, pixelated, floral projections; the venue's mirrored ceilings made it look like digital roses were raining from the sky.

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We caught up with the designer as he was putting the finishing touches on his models—knotting shirts, tying belts, and straightening collars—to pin down the styling tips that make basics (trench coats, button-down shirts) stand out.

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Yes, Shorts Can Look Polished

Silk Charmeuse Top, $225; Crochet Collar Shirt, $225; Striped Batwing Shirt, $225; Satin Jacquard Shorts, $275.

This is about as far from cut-offs and a T-shirt as you can get. Here, Thakoon has turned a pair of khaki shorts into something polished. The key elements: buttoning the shirt all the way up to the top (and tucking it in neatly), tying a second button-down around the waist, choosing complementary prints (note the barely-there pinstripes in shirt one and the thick bands of color in shirt two), and topping it all off with a lightweight silk cardigan.

Tie Your Trench Around Your Waist!

Heathered Knit Top, $250; Oxford Trench Coat, $525; Silk Charmeuse Pants, $275.

Yes, you can treat your trench coat like a hoodie; just choose a lightweight style, like the one above. Here, Thakoon has used a trench to anchor easy wide-leg silk pants and a thin-knit top with sporty stripes. Try the trench coat trick at home, then walk really fast and watch it trail out behind you, dramatically.

All clothing available at thakoon.com.

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