We've Got a Better Use for Your Old Underwear Than Throwing It Out

Men's basics brand Mack Weldon wants to turn your worn-out underwear into earth-saving building material.

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The Problem: Consider the unsettling fact that the clothes you trash can end up stuck in a landfill and contribute to the deterioration of our planet. Now take mental stock of all the worn-out socks, underwear, T-shirts, and pants that currently overcrowd your drawers and laundry hamper.

From one sock drawer to another. Photograph courtesy of Mack Weldon
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The Solution: In March, Mack Weldon partnered with Community Recycling, an organization that encourages people to donate clothing and shoes, and educates them about how their items will be put to use. The clothing is then distributed to people in need in over 50 countries around the world, for use in either the conventional sense, or as materials for home insulation. Together, the two companies bridge the gap between waste and usefulness, so consumers like you can get rid of old clothes without contributing to the planet's trash problem.

We bet you can't guess how many pairs of underwear you can stuff in this thing… Photograph courtesy of Mack Weldon

The How-To: Just send in your unwanted (but not totally shredded) undergarments, such as boxers, socks, and undershirts. Mack Weldon provides a pre-paid label on their website, so you can send your donation via mail without even having to buy stamps. Just drop the package in your local mailbox, and you're done!

See more about the recycling program, and shop some nice basics, at mackweldon.com.

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