10 Steps to Looking 💯 at Prom

Whether you love or loathe formal events, these beauty and style tips are keepers.

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Step 1: Get Ready to Get Ready

Lounge in something worthy of a Snapchat cameo.

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Relax Sweatshirt: Stickybaby, $110.

Nike Sweatshirt: OPD NY, $220.

Crane-Print Top: Forever 21, $16.

Step 2: Pick a Standout Polish

A bold manicure is in your future.

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Purple Polish: Zoya "Millie," $10, zoya.com.

Orange Polish: Deborah Lippmann "Hot Child in the City," $20, deborahlippmann.com.

Tarot Cards: Small Spells Tarot Deck, $50, smallspells.com.

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No. 1: Ice-Queen Blue: Nautically Inclined by Morgan Taylor, $5, loxabeauty.com.

No. 2: Not-So-Plain White: Long Wear White Out Nail Polish, $11, us.nailsinc.com.

No. 3: The Green That Isn't Mean: La Vernis in Émeraude, $28, chanel.com.

No. 4: Less-Than-Gaudy Gold: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish in Gilty Party, $7, target.com.

No. 5: Acceptable Neon: Pony, $8, flossgloss.com.

No. 6: Amped-Up Gray: Nail Polish in Express Yourself by Deborah Lippmann, $24, barneys.com.

No. 7: Cool-Girl Red: Shearling Darling, $9, essie.com.

Step 3: Turn It Up

(Both the music and your jewelry.)

Speaker: Urbanears Stammen, $349.

Bracelets: Vita E Liberata, $30—$40.

Ring: StudioSophiaSophia, $35.

Step 4: Get Glowing

Prep your skin before it's time for makeup.

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Hot Tip: Use mini-masks on the features you want to play up!

Lip Mask: Etude Cherry Lip Gel Patch, $13, us.memebox.com.

Cheek Mask: Tony Moly Red Cheeks Girl's Patch, $4.

Step 5: Choose Your Beauty Muse

How about a low-key unicorn?

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Cheeks: Milk Mars Holographic Stick, $28, milkmakeup.com.

Lips: Bite Lip Pencil 070, $18, sephora.com.

Eyes: L'Oréal Infallible Paints, $9 each, lorealparisusa.com.

Bask in the Glow of Your Own Face

Get the Look

For Eyes: Choose the colors you want to blend together on your eyelids—in this case, makeup artist Andi Metro uses an icy blue, purple, and orange. "I use the L'Oréal paints, which are really easy to work with," Metro says. "I just patch in the blue on the front of the lid and then add purple to the outer-corner of the eye and marry the two."

"It sounds nuts, but it looks like a crazy-beautiful sunset."

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Once you blend those hues, add orange to the mix. "The bright fuchsia violet is rimmed by an orange, which sounds nuts, but it looks like a crazy-beautiful sunset," Metro says. Finally, skip the mascara or add a clear coat to define lashes without the harshness of black (remember, you want to keep this look as dreamy as possible!).

Infallible Paints Eye Shadow in BRB Blue, $9, lorealparisusa.com.

Infallible Paints Eye Shadow in Shady Violet, $9, lorealparisusa.com.

Infallible Paints Eye Shadow in Sunset Fire, $9, lorealparisusa.com.

For Cheeks: "I start with the iridescent Mars Holographic Stick and then put on a cream rosy shade over it," Metro says. "Then I put on a little more stick on top so that the color of the cheek turns a little iridescent purple, or a little more magical." Note: More is better when it comes to applying that glowy stick of goodness.

For Lips: Add more sheenwith glossy lips. "I line and fill the lips with a peachy pencil and then put tons of Milk gloss on top," Metro says. "It's more fresh feeling than bold and hard."

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Mars Holographic Stick, $28, milkmakeup.com.

Insta-Blush in Candy Kiss by Revlon, $13, ulta.com.

The Lip Pencil in 070 Electric Coral by Bite Beauty, $18, sephora.com.

Face Gloss, $20, milkmakeup.com.

Step 6: Just Add Sun

Bronzer is the perfect finishing touch.

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Hot Tip: Keep it subtle with a swift, curved swipe at the hollows of your cheeks

Bronzer: Marc Jacobs Omega Bronze Perfect Tan, $49, marcjacobsbeauty.com.

Step 7: Find Your Light

This phone case makes it easy.

Hot Tip: Not a bad time to level-up your streaks 🔥

Lumee Duo iPhone 7 Case, $70.

Step 8: Do You

You're not a cupcake, so don't dress like one.

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Dress: OPD NY, $300.

Star Earrings: Vita E Liberta, $50.

5 secrets for casual-cool prom style.

Tip No. 1: Take Up That Hem (*Without* Scissors)

Air Jordan Dress, $300, opdny.com.

If a floor-length dress feels too fancy, OPD NY designer Nicole Pitiger (the woman behind that sparkly Air Jordan look, above), has a genius tip. "Sometimes it's fun to knot the bottom of a maxi dress," she says. "It gives it a more bohemian, relaxed feel."

Tip No. 2: Jump Into a Jumpsuit

Suey Jumpsuit, $425, vivaaviva.com.

If dresses aren't your thing, there's no reason not to stay true to your look on prom night. Opt for a jumpsuit, and enter a whole new world of dance move possibilities.

Tip No. 3: Just Add Outerwear

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Love Me More Vest, $98, shopstickybaby.com.

Nothing takes a dress's fanciness down a notch like throwing a denim vest (Or a bomber jacket! Or a leather moto!) on top.

Tip No. 4: Vintage Tee + Statement Skirt = Prom Night Gold

Giant Tutu Tulle Skirt, $125, topshop.com.

How do you make a tulle tutu, or a sequin pencil skirt look lowkey? Pair it with your favorite vintage T-shirt. As for the final touch, "if your top is really simple, an awesome necklace can make the neckline look fancier," OPD NY designer Nicole Pitiger says.

Tip No. 5: When in Doubt, Wear Sneakers

Kaleidoscopic Glitter Sneakers, $145, stories.com.

Your friends are all going to change out of their heels at the after-party, anyway. Stay one step ahead of them in a pair of embellished sneakers.

Step 9: Consider the Headband

Who needs a tiara?

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Headbands: Stella Rose Glitter Bows, $75 each.

Step 10: Pick a Punchy Bag

The bolder, the better.

Backpack: Juicy Couture for Urban Outfitters, $98.

Striped Clutch: Loeffer Randall, $250.

Pink Mini Bag: Urban Outfitters, $29.

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Rainbow Cross-Body Bag by Skinnydip London, $40,dollskill.com.

Girls' Glitter Watermelon Bag, $60, jcrew.com.

Play On Glitter Clutch by I Know the Queen, $69, selfridges.com.

Thank You Shopper, $125, poppylissiman.com.

Confetti Stars Bag by From Saint Xavier for How Two Live, $176, theiconic.com.

Circle Iridescent Crinkled Leather Clutch by Kara, $195, net-a-porter.com.

Bunny Leather and Suede Clutch by Hillier Bartley, $572, matchesfashion.com.

Eye See You Python Clutch, $595, gelarehmizrahi.com.

Don't Forget!

Take some real photos to decorate your bedroom, your locker—wherever!

Camera: Leica Sofort in Mint, $299.

Make an Entrance

How Can Prom Be *More* Fun?

Just follow the shopping, style, (and dance, and movie...) tips from the stars of today's Sweet story.


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My Prom Style in One Word: Crime-fighting-angel-from-the-decades

Best Fictional Prom: Footloose

Dream Date: Young Christian Slater (or all my favorite gal pals... or Malia Obama)

Signature Dance Move: The Windmill

Get Her Look: Instead of wearing a heavy foundation, get more into your skin-care and take it from there. "I apply tons of moisturizer and just conceal where needed," says makeup artist Andi Metro. "I use very minimal powder on areas that tend to look greasy: around the nose, center of the forehead, and the chin."


Most Popular

My Prom Style in One Word: Casual-Elegant?

Best Fictional Prom: 10 Things I Hate About You

Dream Date: Evan Peters

Signature Dance Move: Something wack but on the down low

Get Her Look: For optimal dewiness, reach for a cream blush. "One of my favorite things to do is use cream blush on the cheeks—it blends so much easier and faster and just looks fresher," Metro says. Oh, and it's great for when you're sans brush and need to blend quickly with your fingers.



My Prom Style in One Word: Eye-catching

Best Fictional Prom: Cinderella Story

Dream Date: Jeff Atkins

Signature Dance Move: Just jumping around and having fun with my friends

Get Her Look: There are two ways to approach striking blue eye makeup. "You can keep it clean with crisp lines or soften the edges with a fluffy brush," Metro says.



My Prom Style in One Word: Shiny

Best Fictional Prom: She's All That

Dream Date: Jaden Smith

Signature Dance Move: I'm terrible at dancing.

Get Her Look: Keep brows nice and natural. "I comb brow hairs up, fill them in, and that's pretty much it," Metro says. If you want some extra hold, finish your grooming with a clear brow pomade.



My Prom Style in One Word: Classy

Best Fictional Prom: Carrie

Dream Date: Eddie Redmayne

Signature Dance Move: Anything with unnecessary arm movement

Get Her Look: Go all-in with highlighter! "You can put it all over your face and it just gets more and more beautiful," Metro says. "Always put a little extra glow on the tops of cheekbones, eyelids, and the cupid's bow."

Directed by Blair Waters (@blairlorien). Models: Olivia (@ollygolly123), Sofia (@sofbarcelona), Zawadi (@z.boyce), Lucy (@lucyly02), Zanna (@za.nna). Styling: Shea Daspin (@sheadaspin). Hair and Makeup: Andi Metro (@andimetromakeup). Music: "Wave" by Scully (@skullytheband).

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