Falling in Love With Someone Else's Love

It's a beautiful thing to behold, and this couple makes it look better than just about anyone.

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Hi, my name is Yasmeen and I have officially used the word "couple goals" in an unironic manner. You're probably wondering how I got here. (Cue the rewind button.) Well, it all started a few months ago, during Seoul Fashion Week.

Just a couple of posers.
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I was clicking through street style roundups when I first saw them: a beautiful couple, impeccably dressed in coordinated clothing. They were taking long, blogger-like strides hand in hand, and while a simple action like that would normally make me either roll my eyes or automatically scrunch my face and say "ugh," there was something that made me stop, stare, and embark upon a quest to uncover their identities. At that moment, I knew nothing about them, and yet I could already feel my relationship ideals starting to change.

It's so exhausting being cute.
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Many hours and not-specific-enough Google inquiries later, I found their names: Cao Minh Thắng and Bùi Châu. (I soon also learned that Thắng calls Châu "chou chou," which means "little cow.") Thắng is the owner of a relatively famous fashion boutique in Hanoi, Vietnam named Decao; Châu is a model and influencer.

Color coordination is key.

But those are just facts—I learned a lot more about them simply by scrolling through their Instagrams. Sure, social media isn't the most honest portrayal of a relationship—not many people post moments that aren't considered "picture-perfect"—but they legitimately look happy. The more interesting thing, though, is that they are constantly coordinating their outfits. They wear matching AC/DC vintage tees and high-waisted jeans to the grocery store, knit turtlenecks pulled all the way up when hanging at home, and their fashion week outfits can only be described as insane (one look even combed Thắng's mustache up to match Châu's eyebrows).

Couples are taking what they love about each other and using it to create a new shared visual identity.

Normally, my cynical self would see a matching couple and think that they were giving up their individuality, but that's not what I see when I look at Thắng and Châu. They're showcasing their similarities while also weaving in one another's eccentricities, and they aren't alone—this sartorial phenomenon is on the rise across Asia. The Koreans have even coined a term for it—Keo-Peul-Look—and it's becoming a popular alternative to PDA. Couples are turning what they adore about each other into a new shared identity, and are redefining what relationships look like in the modern era. I, for one, plan to keep double-tapping love's new look.

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