Who Needs a Nap?

Forget ragged beach towels and rusty lawn chairs, these loungers are all you'll need to rest your weary, sun-kissed body on this summer.

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There are pros and cons to the Meadow Rest. Among the pros: looking fly as hell when you roll up to your favorite beach spot and unravel this slick lounger. Cons include the group of impressed and envious friends standing around your mat for a closer look, blocking out the sun as you try to tan. You can't have it all.

This could be you from behind, relaxing on the beach.
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The Meadow Rest is the brainchild of Alite Designs, a small design team in San Francisco doing what it can to get people to go outside more (it's working!). The camping gear is uncomplicated and easy to use, and the brightly colored designs are reason enough to pack up and head out. From LED light-up frisbees to sleeping bags that you can zip to your friends' (the aptly named, "Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag"), this is gear specifically designed for those who like their adventures to be fun, as well as all the other things that adventures can be.

Look how compact it becomes!
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First on our must-have list? Their Meadow Rest Lounger. Combining everything Alite loves about tried-and-true mats and chairs, the company created an essential for any type of outdoor gathering. Waterproof, incredibly compact, travel-ready, and weighing in at less than two pounds, the lounger will keep you dry on wet grass and cool on hot sand. Just be careful who you ask to "watch your spot" when you go in for a dip—people will try to steal it. But can you blame them?

Meadow Rest Waterproof Lounger, $65, alite.myshopify.com.
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