Shop Our Favorite Resale Site Like a Pro

There's shopping online, and then there's shopping on Depop.

When your wallet and sartorial ambitions don't quite see eye to eye, there are a few things you can do. You can scour vintage shops for hours on end, troll eBay and Etsy for one-of-a-kind pieces, or get crafty and try to make something yourself. But if you don't have an endless supply of time or patience, there's another formidable option for finding the things that you never knew your closet needed: Depop.

Founded by Simon Beckerman, who also founded Super Sunglasses and PIG Magazine, in 2012, the marketplace app has evolved into a socially minded superstore where celebrities, bloggers, brands, and teens sell items from their closets as well as new, original pieces. "We now have over 4 million users worldwide, 20,000-plus items are sold a day, and our users are quitting their day jobs, opening brick-and-mortar shops, collaborating with celebrities, and being written about in Vogue," says Depop's CEO, Maria Raga.


Dad hats can spread love, too.

If you haven't been on the app yet, be warned: it's pretty addicting. As Raga puts it, the page "can ensue a trance-like K-hole of infinite exploration." And with items like stained glass skateboards, handmade chokers, Supreme ashtrays, and deadstock Tommy Hilfiger, who could blame any of us? And if you're already a Depop aficionado, consider this your guide to making the most of the app.

Check out some of the coolest people and brands on the app, below. Then, download Depop and see what kinds of treasures are waiting for you

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Brooke Candy (@freakyprincess)

If you're in the market for a one-of-a-kind hand-painted leather jacket, a bangle from a sex shop in Berlin, or pieces from the VFiles archive, head over to Brooke Candy's Depop. A percentage of all proceeds are donated to help homeless LGBT youth.

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Baddiewinkle (@baddiewinkle)

When she's not busy "stealing your man," the world's baddest grandmother is selling true gems like a Justin Bieber mug shot sweater, a sweatshirt with a collage of Kanye eating ice cream, and a tie-dyed T-shirt that says "Will Commit Sins 4 Chipotle."

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Dita Von Teese (@ditavonteese)

The burlesque icon and Die Antwoord collaborator not only offers up items from her lingerie lines and collaborations—she also sells garments, shoes, and accessories straight from her closet (and sometimes even straight from the stage). Every item also comes with a signed certificate of authenticity that you can pull out whenever you so please.

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Shaquille O'Neal (@buyitfromshaq)

When Shaq first started selling autographed magazines and books, he personally called everyone who bought something. This is why it pays to be an early adopter, people.

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Lily Allen (@lilyallen)

Lily Allen has always had one of the most low-key eccentric wardrobes, and her Depop is filled with awesome streetwear pieces and designer merch. We've seen a Shrimps faux fur jacket, items from the Peanuts x Lacoste collaboration, and a pair of bright red YSL boots.

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Ed Varie (@edvarie)

If you don't already window-shop for art online all day, you'll develop an incredibly strong desire to do so after browsing Ed Varie's Depop. The gallery's page features graphic hand-built porcelain vases, out-of-print zines, and prints from some of the coolest contemporary artists.

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Art Baby Girl (@artbabygirl)

Meet your new favorite shop, '90s-born Internet kids. Grace Miceli (aka @artbabygirl) has all of her merch on her Depop, from illustrated renditions of Flaming Hot Cheetos and Furbys on tees, to her signature "Art Baby Girl"-printed panties.

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Internet Girl (@internetgirl)

If there was an official queen of Depop, the title would go to Internet Girl, who scours thrift shops across North America to resell unique vintage pieces to her more than 286,000 followers.

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Sincerely Tommy (@sincerelytommy)

If you ever have the chance to visit Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn-based concept shop Sincerely Tommy in person, we highly recommend it. But if you can't, its Depop offers up a smaller version of its contemporary selection that will hold you over.

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Bridgette Bayley (@valleygirlmagazine)

Bridgette Bayley, who heads up branding at Jeffrey Campbell, uses her Depop shop to clean out her styling closet. Nearly all items were used in lookbook shoots and come straight from the '90s (like a killer pair of low-rise Mudd jeans). And it's also probably the only place where you can find pink satin undies with "Justin Bobby" written on them.   

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