"Take a Hike!"

Jon Tang means that in a good way. His new footwear brand challenges you to keep exploring—no matter where.

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The Super Gratton by Fronteer in Boulder Blue, $160.
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Sometimes, the sneaker market can seem to be in a creative recession. Although there is a vast selection of brands, many of the shoes themselves track back to the same silhouettes. "A lot of brands are too busy trying to do something 'cool,'" notes footwear designer Jon Tang, who has worked for the likes of Puma and K-Swiss over the past eight years. Tired of the industry-wide monotony, Tang decided to take a left turn with his new brand, Fronteer, which is inspired by an unlikely subject: rock climbing.

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Fronteer's first silhouette is modeled after a vintage hiking shoe.

Fronteer's first silhouette is modeled off of the very first climbing-specific sneaker, the EB Super Gratton, developed by French climber Pierre Allain. The Fronteer Super Gratton updates that sneaker with water-resistant suede, thick canvas, and a grippy rubber outsole—making it ideal for everyday excursions. "I want my brand to be a catalyst for discovering things that are normally taken for granted," explains Tang. In other words, he wants Fronteer to inspire people to explore their surroundings—whether that's camping somewhere nearby or just taking a new route home one day.

For more, go to fronteer.us.

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