The Secret to Wearing Shorts?

Confidence. They're the best way to fight summer's oppressive heat, but some guys would still sooner melt than bare a little leg. Here, Turner, Grimes' personal stylist who has also dressed everyone from Leon Bridges to Sean Lennon explains how to look and feel great in shorts.

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When stylist Turner moved from New York City to Los Angeles, one of the biggest differences she immediately noticed in men's style was the dominant presence of guys in shorts. "It doesn't even come off as odd or unnatural to me anymore," she says. And despite her years logged as a New Yorker in the fashion trenches, the shorts no longer read as too informal. "I now know there's a definite psychology behind men thinking they can't wear shorts," she says, with a laugh.

Pictured: athleisure at its finest. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images
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You too can join in on the fun and stay true to your style by making smart styling choices, picking the right pair for each occasion—and, most importantly, feeling confident in your choice. "I believe that people need to feel comfortable in what they're wearing," says Turner. "It's not about right or wrong in fashion anymore."

Below, Turner shares her tips on how to proudly keep shorts in your summer rotation—and not just for beach days.

The Dressier Scenario  

The perfect head-to-toe look for work. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

"Guys don't have as many options when styling shorts," says Turner. So if you're trying to pull off shorts at work or a more formal occasion, always go the extra mile. A nice button-down is a no-brainer, but don't overlook the tailoring, the type of material, and one other very crucial detail: the shoes you're wearing. To avoid slipping into lazy territory, look for shorts made from quilted cotton, twill, or seersucker, for example—and always steer clear of prints or patterns to be on the safe side. As for shoes, consider suede espadrilles, leather sneakers, or a monk strap.

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The Off-Duty Situations

The more casual (and typical) approach to shorts. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

It doesn't take much effort to put together a beach-approved look in shorts, but what about all the other occasions that pop up in the dog days of summer? Rooftop drinks, backyard barbecues, and weekend getaways shouldn't mean throwing caution to wind, style-wise. Getting the outfit just right demands a little extra detail.

The problem with denim or corduroy shorts is running the risk of being too '90s, so Turner suggests picking a softer wash to keep your look modern.

Cotton-Blend Corduroy Shorts by Remi Relief, $108,
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Patterned or printed shorts are a fantastic way to embolden a summery outfit that can take you from day to night, if smartly paired with something like a solid, short-sleeve oxford to balance everything out.

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Sportier Situations

Look to sportswear basics for a classic, casual look. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

The sportier, more streetwear-inspired short is one trend that has officially gone global, says Turner. "It's in Seoul. It's in Paris. It's in Los Angeles. It's everywhere." Turner doesn't condone the athletic short for most situations—but if you can't beat them, you might as well join them, while wearing one of the very best options out there. 

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