Give Your T-Shirts a Rest

There are lots of other great options for the warm weather. Here, we round up the best ones.

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Summer may not officially begin until June 20, but guys everywhere are already ditching their spring sweaters and collared shirts in exchange for a time-tested seasonal favorite: the T-shirt.

And yes, a well-worn graphic T-shirt can be the perfect go-to for a day at the beach, and a crisp white T-shirt will never let you down on an afternoon spent kicking around town. But, unfortunately, not every summer day will be quite so leisurely. So let's explore the impressive selection of warm-weather alternatives.

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Here, find four favorite looks this season—the accompanying summer adventure is entirely up to you.

The Retro Knit Polo

A model wears a vintage-inspired polo shirt at the Andrea Pompilio spring 2016 runway show during Milan Fashion Week. Photograph courtesy of Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images
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Often referred to as a banlon (after the textile they're frequently made from), a knit polo in lightweight cotton or wool shows a different level of consideration than a standard-issue pique polo. This season it's all about stripes: there are few better ways to add a touch of '70s nostalgia to your look.

The Printed Bowling Shirt

Printed bowling shirts were integral to the glam-rocker-on-vacation vibe of Hedi Slimane's spring 2016 collection for Saint Laurent, shown here at Men's Fashion Week in Paris. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

Hedi Slimane incorporated Hawaiian-print bowling shirts into his hard-rocking men's collections for Saint Laurent and, since then, pretty much all of our favorite designers have offered a take on this novelty staple.

The Band-Collar Popover

Popovers are button-downs for the guy who hates button-downs. The band collar has been a favorite of European designers for a few seasons now, including our favorite Parisian indie label PHM Saints Peres—designer Pierre Henri Mattout's shirts feature elbow-length sleeves. (Our styling suggestion? Cuff them to the mid-bicep.)

The Baseball Jersey

For spring 2015, Carven sent a simple take on athletic-uniform dressing down the runway, as seen here at Men's Paris Fashion Week. There are even more to choose from this season! Photograph courtesy of Francois Durand/Getty Images

Baseball jerseys crossed over from street style blogs to the runways a few years back—thanks in part to Riccardo Tisci. This season's styles represent a return to form with simpler colors, fewer adornments, and lightweight fabrics that will keep you cool on the hottest of summer days.

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