Gucci x Dover Street Market = Dream Collaboration

Two of fashion's biggest names have joined forces. Get excited, and get shopping.

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Gucci has teamed up with Dover Street Market, another style favorite of ours, to launch a limited-edition capsule collection—four words we never tire of hearing! Especially in this context: these are two brands that simply couldn't be any cooler or more in-demand right now.

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Alessandro Michele, Gucci's creative director and the man behind the massive overhaul of the Italian heritage house, has created four exclusive menswear pieces for the store. And all of them riff on his now-signature flora and fauna aesthetic, which has spread like wildfire through fashion of late (see the sequins, the embroidery, and, more generally, the eclectic and whimsical feel that's so pervasive right now).

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You'll find a cotton crew-neck with a tapestry-style tree design on the back, and a floral yoke at the front; a pair of jaunty check pajama pants; a check flannel overshirt with a rabbit patch motif; and a super cool denim jacket with patchwork, intarsia, and studs (top of the list!). And as an added extra design detail, you'll find the label inside has been crafted with a red background, rather than the usual white, so that you know your purchase is a really special one.

Now you know the score, see the pieces, get some styling tips, and plot what to buy—prices are "on request," or rather when you pay a visit to the store!

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Though of course this was designed to go with the check pants (and will look great with them), if that's one step too far, or out of your budget, then wear with your favorite summer shorts and a plain white T-shirt for a dressed-up-dressed-down feel.

Check Flannel Overshirt With Rabbit Patch (on the Back),

This is what we're going to call a trophy shirt. It'll be an investment and look great with black jeans.

Check Pyjama Trousers,

If you're already wearing checked pants, you may as well go all out and wear with a plaid shirt. Surprisingly, it won't seem as loud as you think and will balance the whole look out. Trust us!

Cotton Crew-Neck With Tree Design on the Back and Lettering on the Front,

Don't expect this one to hang around long in your wardrobe—it has girlfriend-stealing material written all over it. In fact, the whole collection does. You've been warned.

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