The Best Bathrobes for Guys

Some of our favorite lounging attire, from all over the world.

Let's face it: too often do we rush from shower to closet to front door. There is beauty to be experienced in the solitary, quiet hours of the morning—particularly during those meditative moments right after stepping out of the shower. Maximize your you-time by enjoying it swathed in a robe.

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For When You Just Want to Wear a Hoodie

The luxury of a robe, with the comfort of your favorite hoodie. Surely the type of win-win you always want hanging in your closet.

Men's Rugby Robe, $60–74,
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For the Summertime Blues

Even when the warm weather arrives, you're still likely to want to bundle up for a bit at the end of a long day spent chopping wood and building rope swings over rivers. For those moments, this seersucker number by our Vermont friends is just the thing.

Seersucker Robe, $70-$75,
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For Feeling Sporty

With its striped cuffs, hood, and pockets, this is might very well be the best robe possible to be wearing should you lock yourself out of the house by mistake. Go grab a coffee (you can pay them tomorrow!), take a load off, and casually phone your friends for help.

Hooded Robe, $169,
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For Being Light on Your Feet

This 100% linen robe is great for hot summer mornings spent on the deck of your beach house in Montauk. We like it in light turquoise, to really bring that ocean-side feeling into the home.

Linen Bathrobe, $35,
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For Very, Very Private After-Parties

Should you find yourself returning to your broken-in leather club chair in front of the fire one chilly winter evening after a long, eventful night out, may we suggest donning this cashmere robe, made by America's oldest men's clothier, before pouring yourself a finger of scotch? Yes, it's rather expensive, but it's actually on sale. The original price? $1,700. Better make that two fingers.

Grey Cashmere and Wool Robe, $850,
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For Casual Lounging

Cut short enough that you won't need to switch to your sport coat should you find yourself needing to make a quick trip to the cigar shop, this cozy fleece robe doesn't say "ready for bed" but rather: "ready for anything."

Fleece Robe by Oliver Spencer, $490,
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For Spotting Patterns

Our friends at Sleepy Jones have the pajama thing pretty much on lock, and we would strongly suggest also investing in some "Striped Marcel Pajama Pants" and a "Striped Henry Pajama Top" (short-sleeve, please), for a look that's nothing if not optically engaging. Light, high-quality cotton makes this the perfect robe for the warmer months.

Striped Adams Robe by Sleepy Jones, $278,

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