What Did the Fox Say?

Woolen Teddy Jumper

We picked our favorite five pieces from the Kitsuné x Beaker collection. Trust us when we tell you: It wasn't easy.

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Woolen Teddy Jumper

Kitsuné's fox mascot gets a cheeky update with a Korean flag cap on this classic baseball-style jacket. In the unlikely event that you're not nuts about the fox, it's detachable.

$1,421, beakerstore.com.

Canvas Sneakers

You can never have too many sneakers. Happily, these are unisex, and come in navy, black, and white. We're fans of the extra-thick white sole, which helps these stand out from the pack—and you, come to think of it.

$332, beakerstore.com.

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Matin Calme Sweatshirt

The only argument we can think of not to get this sweatshirt is that literally everyone you know will try to borrow/steal it. Quick French lesson: That reads, "Land of the Morning Calm." See you there.

$385, beakerstore.com.

Chunky Bicolor Knit

Four words: chunky knit mock turtleneck. Sold!

$669, beakerstore.com.

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K.I.M. Totebag

Sure, you probably have a billion tote bags, but do you have one that says Kitsuné Institute of Music? Didn't think so!

$79, beakerstore.com.

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