Leading the Charge

Tired of seeing the same designers in every store, Henry and George Graham of Wolf & Badger became champions of the new guard.

Henry Graham

For brothers Henry and George Graham, the idea to open a shop was born out of a growing boredom with London's retail landscape. "The stores felt very homogenous and a bit boring—they were all selling the same things," Henry explains. So they opened Wolf & Badger in London's Notting Hill neighborhood, a small boutique stocking mostly emerging designers. "There are so many talented designers who create really cool, high-quality clothing, but just don't have as much of a name," he says. "So we reached out to these smaller brands, and they were really excited about what we were trying to create."

The success of the first store prompted them to open a second location on Dover Street, bringing in even more brands, and expanding their offerings to include womenswear. Each line has its own distinct space within the store, decorated with information about the designer. "People love to know where their clothes are coming from," says Graham. "It makes the purchase that much more special when there's a story behind it." Here, Graham shares some of his favorite pieces currently in stock at their Notting Hill shop.

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1 Wool Jacket

"When done well, I think camo can be quite cool, and this is a great example of that. I really like the combination of the print on a traditional wool coat silhouette. It's a quality outerwear piece, and will definitely keep you warm."

Camo Wool Zip Shacket by Bee, $395.

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2 Leather Backpack

"A brown leather backpack is great for travel, or for everyday use. You can wear it in 20 years and it will still look really cool."

Backpack by Roque Bags, $470.

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3 Leather Watch

"I love this watch because it looks just like my dog Mojo. I had to buy it when we got it in. It's a cool accessory, not something you'd necessarily wear every day, but it definitely adds a little something extra to your look."

Mr Big Hugs Woof by Newgate Watches, $181.

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4 Woven Scarf

"These scarves are super cool—the designer is English, but they're made in India. They use an ancient dyeing technique called kanoko shibori, wrapping the silk twill fabric with thin string to create the tiny dotted pattern and texture. They're really unique and beautiful, and also very soft."

Poncanna Indigo Olive Ombré Scarf by Kopé London, $266.

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5 Colored Sunglasses

"Finlay & Co is such a great company. These are a fun accessory that adds something different to your look. They're great when you're feeling a bit hungover, but don't want to wear really dark lenses."

Hudson Champagne Sunglasses by Finlay & Co, $287.

Visit either of Wolf & Badger's two London locations: 46 Ledbury Road or 32 Dover Street. All pieces are available at wolfandbadger.com.

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