New York City Menswear, Rethought

A brand-new fashion line appears from the guys at Carson Street in downtown Manhattan.

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The team behind Deveaux. From left, Andrea Tsao, Patrick Doss, Matthew Breen, and Brian Trunzo.
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It's tough for the new guy to make it in fashion: launching a new brand in an already crowded market is not something to be taken lightly. But when a couple of brains with a whole lot of experience (from lawyering to running the much-lauded menswear shop Carson Street) wade into the mix, there's hope. And that's what Deveaux, New York Fashion Week: Men's newest newcomer, gives us—a lot of hope. Extremely handsome hope, with sharp silhouettes and the finest fabrics.

A monochrome look from the fall/winter collection.
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"We have a strong idea of how a man should dress," says Matt Breen, one of Deveraux's founders, and co-owner of Carson Street. "There are several sub-movements within menswear at the moment, but none of them were really speaking to us. As a result, we decided to carve our own path."

Soft, cloud-like knits were paired with wildly luxe cashmere outerwear. The color palette, head-to-toe cream, soft gray, and beige works perfectly in its own, but would also match your favorite blue jeans. Oh, and it's all proudly made in the U S of A.

One of the finale looks from the debut collection.

Inspired by HBO's unsettling drama The Leftovers, Deveaux's fall/winter 2016 debut was a high-end minimalist dream. "We were inspired by the ideas of light vs. dark, good vs. evil, redemption and salvation," says Breen. "The all white looks at the end were a statement: Never forget the past, but always look to the future." 

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