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With its rugged shape and classic brogue detailing, Swims' Barry Brogue High is a boot that means business.

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There's a difference between going to work and actually doing some, and Norwegian footwear brand Swims struck the balance between the two with the Barry Brogue High Boot. Brogue decoration has its roots in Ireland, where it was used to adorn boots for farm work—the perforations allowed shoes to drain out moisture when crossing bogs and marshes.

Today, brogue detailing is more common in office life. But running around town while staying neat is hard work, too, especially when dealing with winter weather. The Barry Brogue High has a water-resistant nylon base, which keeps your feet dry, and the upper is adorned with nubuck brogue detailing, lending the shoe a dapper air. They say that form follows function, but in the case of the Barry High Brogue, they're delivered simultaneously.

Barry Brogue High Boot, $225,

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