How to Travel With Your Suit

Traveling with a suit requires finesse. Whether you're flying in to be the best man in your friend's wedding, or going out of town for a business meeting, you want your suit to stay as crisp as possible. And since cramming your suit into your luggage—or, worse yet, your carry-on—is certainly not the move, investing in a suit carrier is the way to go.

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Just like investing in a quality watch, knowing how to do your own taxes, and being the proud owner of a two-piece suit, having a carrier for said outfit is an essential rite of passage in every man's life. What's the point of having such dapper separates if they're not going to be wrinkle-free when you need them the most?

While certain fabrics, such as wool, travel better than others, having a suit carrier (or garment bag) to protect your most valuable clothing during transit is essentially an investment in your trip itself. After all, showing up looking disheveled and desperate for a dry cleaner should be avoided whenever possible.  

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Here, we present the carriers that will protect your suit all the way to its destination—and happen to look as good as your suit, too.

Canvas Garment Bag, $39,
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The best feature of Billy Reid's natural canvas carrier is how easily you can make it compact, thanks to the brass snaps that allow you to fold it in half easily—and keep it that way.

Garment Bag, $148,

Airline travel can really take its toll on your luggage, but this solid garment bag from J.Crew can handle the wear and tear. Plus, the short handle drop helps secure a sturdier grip (in case the need for a mad dash through the airport should arise).

Tri-Fold Garment Bag, $495,
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This handsome suit carrier detailed with tan leather trim includes an interior shoe pocket and removable shoulder strap. That bag's design also allows for a double fold—which makes for a neat, compact package.

Baseline Rolling Carry-On by Briggs & Riley, $529,

This carry-on by New York-based Briggs and Riley is all about durability, which is why it's made of ballistic nylon and has a set of hard-shell wheels. And, as we all know, strength and mobility are key when it comes to navigating the wilds of the airport food court.

WT Porter, $250,

It's hard to imagine packing your suit into this porter bag by Swiss Army, folding it three times, and unpacking a completely wrinkle-free suit when you arrive at your destination—but the company has managed to come up with a design that allows you to do just that.  

Jacquard Rabbit Suit Carrier, $825,

If you trust a designer to make your suit, it only makes sense that you'd also trust them with the item you use to carry it. Paul Smith's suit carrier is sleek, sturdy, and has pockets to spare (in case it's the sort of trip that calls for a number of cufflinks options).

Tanker Garment Bag Type B Black by Porter, $524,

The design inspiration behind this garment bag by Porter comes from the U.S. Air Force's MA-1 flight jacket, hence the durability and lightness. Inside you'll find alternate-sized compartments for additional storage.

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