Jump-Start Summer with Tie-Dye

Tie-dye can go oh so wrong, oh so easily, but, like our style correspondent Jessica Bumpus points out: there's no better way to usher in summer. To keep your tie-dye look in the right zone, we've picked the coolest and most highly wearable choices out there. Welcome to the other side.

The danger for guys wearing tie-dye is coming off like a total burnout. But there are ways—and appropriate situations, like most of summer—to sport a few well-selected pieces. Thanks to designers who've run with the inspiration and created equally eye-catching but more refined takes, the look no longer has to exclusively reference the groovy, psychedelic '70s. Consider the soft edge of wearing a garment made from shibori, the ancient Japanese dyeing technique. That's the kind of upgrade we're talking here.

Like Jessica's rundown proved, the stormy tones of tie-dye have been spotted all over the runway—and the inspiration has trickled down to some shoppable choices for your closet, too. Read on for our favorite buys for pulling off this breezy look.

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The additional paint-drop detailing around the shoulders of this purple-hued T-shirt really works. More is more, in this case.

Paint Drip Cotton T-Shirt by Belstaff, $175, shop.nordstrom.com.
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Usher in warmer days with this short-sleeve shirt in diffused pastel tones. Both the price point and subtle coloring makes it a good option for your first foray with tie-dye, too.

Bronzer Short-Sleeve Shirt by O'Neill, $55, zappos.com.
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The Japanese shibori effect on these classic sneakers is really working for us. Not to call it early, but they might be the summer shoe we wear throughout the year.

Seeker Shibori Sneaker by Pointer, $90, azaleasf.com.
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The quest for the ultimate bomber jacket will end for a lot of us with this rather unexpected choice. The pale-green palette is great for everyday use, but the pops of blue and pink add some welcome interest.

Bomber Jacket by Our Legacy, $570, milanstyle.com.
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This tie-dye shirt is a great layering option for sporting all year. Under a muted, light jacket, the shirt can perfectly punctuate an otherwise standard outfit.

San Tie-Dye Tee by Chapter, $150, bloomingdales.com.
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This Nike tee is the more classic option in the bunch, but the 3M reflective squares on the front panel are too fun to overlook.

Free Flyknit Tee by Nike, $35, endclothing.com.
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If you're looking for an instant tie-dye win this summer, Topman's navy-dyed tank is it. It's has beach day written all over it (not literally—but if you're listening, Topman...).

Globe Navy Tie-Dye Tank, $45, us.topman.com.
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Invest a hand-dyed (and limited-edition) shirt, like this one from The Hill-Side and Buaisou collaboration. The selvedge chambray shirt is designed in Tokushima, Japan, by indigo-dyeing artisans who've perfected their craft (clearly).

Hand-Dyed Shibori Selvedge Chambray, $329, shop.thehill-side.com.
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Designer Issey Miyake gives us a sharp, shibori-printed reason to wear tie-dye to work.

Tie-Dye-Printed Poplin Shirt by Issey Miyake, $740, mrporter.com.
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The beach is really tie-dye's natural habitat, which is a good reason to not sleep on these modern swim trunks by Michael Kors.

Tie-Dyed Swim Trunks by Michael Kors, $95, lordandtaylor.com.
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