The Edit: Carson Street Clothiers

Owners Matt Breen and Brian Trunzo have deemed these five items the best of this season.

The first thing you need to know about NYC menswear shop Carson Street Clothiers is that Carson Street itself isn't in New York City: the name is actually a nod to Philadelphia, where cofounders Brian Trunzo and Matt Breen once worked as lawyers. They're well aware that their store's name might be out of place given its Crosby Street address, but it's certainly no more unlikely than a pair of attorneys rising through the ranks of the fashion world.

Carson Street carries menswear favorites like Visvim, Tim Coppens, and Our Legacy, but the owners had little prior fashion experience outside of "writing small style blogs on Tumblr," admits Trunzo. With a smattering of vintage rugs and well-loved furniture, the guys have created a space that is "inviting and nonconfrontational"—the antithesis of the cold aesthetic that dominates traditional fashion stores. Here, the Carson Street Clothiers themselves share a list of their favorite items in the store.

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Jil Sander Camel Buddha Overcoat, $1,174

"It's a timeless piece that—if you treat it well—can last you over 20 years," says Breen. "It's very much an heirloom type of jacket. We think this is the 'must-have' coat from the shop."

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Carson Street Trouser, $395

"It's perfect for both formal and informal wear," says Trunzo of this luxurious design by Carson Street's private label. "It can be 'grown-up' with a pair of dress shoes, or young and fun with clean white sneakers."

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Orley Luxe Scarf, $198

"This is an obvious choice for me—I only wore it two times before my girlfriend stole it," explains Trunzo. "Some people think scarves are a cop-out gift, but this one definitely isn't. This is one hell of a beautiful scarf, and you'll be happy you got it."

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Orley Grid Stitch Bomber, $478

"I like it because it's unpredictable," Trunzo says. "When you think of a bomber, you never think of a knit. The stitch on this Orley knitted bomber is really beautiful. It's a great layering piece: it can fit under a coat, and you can wear it on top of a T-shirt or a white dress shirt."

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Mismo M/S Backpack, $341

"Mismo is a Danish luggage and accessories brand," says Breen. "I picked the black nylon with black leather straps as the ultimate representation of an elegant, minimalist backpack. [It sums up] what Brian and I are about over here at Carson Street."

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For these items and more, see or visit Carson Street Clothiers at 63 Crosby Street in New York City.

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